The Labyrinths Tests

October 30/31st update

Sir summons up another two sandwiches, dropping to 3mp.

Loud decides to experiment with basic manipulation. He focuses on making a dense cloud of air, which he hopes will be solid enough to hold his weight, lift him, or help him with jumping, but the best he can seem to do is make it enough to slow down whatever is moving through it. If he were to have some help he may manage a field that would stop movement entirely. In the process of experimentation, Loud is reduced to 4mp.

Itchy decides to meditate to fill his mana, and reaches 5mp.

“I guess I’ll enchant Sir’s dagger as soon as possible and see whether I can meditate then. When you are ready to wait with the attacking until I’m done, I’ll use the boiling blood spell right at the beginning of our attack.”
Dives continues towards the others, and finally arrives.

“Someone can borrow my ring while they’re buffing. Also, Stands definitely needs to rocketjump.”
Well, Stands is getting tired of this room, and decides to go with Stride’s plan. In a way. He backs away from the western exit, then runs at it, and creates a propellant beneath his feet as he goes.
The explosion causes some minor burns to his feet, hurting him only enough to deal 1 damage, dropping him to 4hp, but it does work as hoped, and Stands is thrown out of the feasting room. As he crosses the threshold between the areas, he stops feeling the draw that had held him there.
Stands dropped to 1mp from the casting.

Jack tries to move three rooms closer to the others, but, alas, he can only move two rooms each turn. He is still 3 rooms away.

Hot Air continues moving too, and is 2 rooms away.



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