The Labyrinths Tests

October 28th update

Sir Edam conjures another 2 sandwiches, dropping to 3mp, and hands them to Itchy. He then continues towards the Dog, and is 2 rooms away from it.

Dives continues towards the dog. She is four rooms away.

“Well, if I’m stuck here, might as well learn something.”
Stands goes around questioning various feasters as to why they are there while examining everything closely. People are there for a variety of things; weddings, festivals, birthdays, even just rumours of free food. As for his examinations, he finds nothing of interest, and decides to try a bit of food.
As soon as he takes a bite, he feels drawn to the food, and knows he will have even more trouble leaving than before.

“So should we have a champion or something? One guy to attack the dog while the rest of us buff him or act as support?”
Itchy eats one of the sandwiches Sir supplied recovering to 4hp, and continues towards Strides. He is 2 rooms away.

Strides plans for the possibility someone makes it to the beast this turn. It doesn’t happen.

“I am so smegging tired of being lost and not know where the smeg I am smegging going! It’s not like I know if these smegging walls are made of stone, wood, ice, or air!”
Hot Air looks very closely at the dead end and discovers the walls are stone! Apart from that fact, there is nothing obvious to the eye.

Loud continues towards Strides, and arrives. Propulsion has worn off.



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