The Labyrinths Tests

October 26th update

Loud casts propulsion, dropping to 3mp, and moves towards Strides. He is currently 4 rooms away, and propulsion will wear off in three turns.

Sir hands a sandwich to Dives, who eats it and is restored to 5hp, before he moves back towards the dog. Sir is currently 5 rooms away.

“What? But there aren’t any explosives here, everyone here seems kind of out of it, I’m not hungry, and my friends are all having fun fighting stuff without me. Why would I want to stay?”
Even in the face of this evidence in favour of leaving, Stands just isn’t able to bring himself to leave the feast.

Itchy continues to go toward Sir and is one room away. Must get cheese!

Strides meditates, reaching 5mp.

Jack starts walking around randomly again! He ends up going west, into the dead end that everyone is leaving.

“I hate dead ends! I hate not knowing where I go! Okay, from now on, left!”
Hot Air has decided to resort to the tactic of following the left wall. She arrives at the first of many intersections until she reaches anything interesting.



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