The Labyrinths Tests

October 24th update

Stands goes over to one of the tables and starts talking to the people nearby. “So, how did you guys get here? Is the food safe to eat? Why is there a giant feast underground?”
A man smiles broadly and replies, “We walked here, how else? The food seems safe enough, none of us have died or anything. …Wait, what do you mean underground? We’re in the middle of Brassmoon!”
From where he stands, Stands notices and exit to the west, which was concealed before.

Itchy decides to try something stupid. He stands on the border between the rooms and tries to talk to the beast. “Who’s a good dogies? You’re a good doggies. Yes you are. Yes you are. You’re a good three headed doggie.”
The animal stares at him for a moment, then lumbers over, pulling at its chains and slams one of its heads down on Itchy, dealing 2 damage, dropping him to 2hp. He’s lucky it couldn’t fit the rest of its heads on top of him.

Jack continues to explore. He heads south and west along the passages, into one that leads even further west.

Dives marks the south-eastern path with and X and moves along the same path Jack took, arriving to the same place.
Hot Air goes after Dives.

Strides checks for secrets. If there are any, they’re far too secret for him to see, so he heads back to the west, arriving at the intersection.

Sir inspects the dead end he has reached, and finds nothing of note, so he heads back to the intersection too.

Loud casts propulsion and goes to catch up with Dives, arriving at the same place she has. He is down to 3mp, and the propulsion will wear off next turn.



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