The Labyrinths Tests

October 23rd update

“Stupid anti-magic doorways.” Itchy meditates to 5mp, and waits for the others.

Sir meditates to 5mp and heads west. The path comes to a dead end.
Loud also meditates up to 5mp and follows Sir.

Dives creates another arrow on the wall, this one pointing east and drops to 4mp. She then heads south, then east, arriving at the corridor which Strides is just leaving.

Strides moves further east along the path and finds another dead end.

Jack meditates to 3mp.

Stands moves west and meditates, reaching 5mp. This is yet another large room, but the ground is grassed, and tables are set out with food and drink. Groups of monsters and humans mingle around the tables, talking amicably.



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