The Labyrinths Tests

November 1st update

Sir Edam rests and recovers to 5mp while waiting for the others.

Stands gets up and meditates to 3mp before looking around the room he’s entered. It seems to be a featureless corridor which leads west and south.

Hot Air continues toward Strides and ends up walking into him. Needless to say, no one takes any notice.

Loud decides to experiment with sound, and Sir agrees to be a test subject, only saying “Just try to not make permanent damage.”. He first tests his ability to amplify his hearing, which he manages to the point where he can hear the beast’s breathing in the next room, but everyone else is moving around too much for him to hear even that clearly.
He next tries blocking out sounds. He can dampen his hearing so the sounds he would normally notice clearly are muffled, as though his ears were covered in cotton, but they are still noticeable.
He tries vibrating the air to produce a ringing that only Sir can hear, but alas, it is audible to everybody, and he cannot stop that.
After all this SCIENCE! Loud is down to 3mp.

Dives enchants Sir’s dagger, dropping to 4mp in the process. Sir’s dagger begins to glow.

Itchy tests out his own basic manipulation. He can summon a group of insects which can form rather complex shapes, but he’d have to be more specific with experimentation to learn more. He drops to 4mp.

Jack continues onwards, beginning to feel some form of pain building within him. Probably just his insanity. Jack is only one room away from the others.



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