The Labyrinths Tests

December 9th update

Sir Edam uses the ring to summon a supposedly more powerful golem, the other one disappearing as he does so, and drops to 1mp. He then proceeds to rub between Dives’ ears. Which set will never be known.

Stands heads back into the chasm room and beyond to look for his explosive, ranting at thin air. "Of course it won’t explode unless I tell it to! I make all of my explosives out of extremely stable C4, you can set the stuff on fire and it won’t explode! The only thing that could make it explode is the detonator in the middle, and that only responds to my command! besides, size doesn’t affect explosives anyway… "
He does not find the explosive, and meditates to 5mp.

Itchy meditates to 4mp, and looks over the edge of the ledge to see that the pit continues further down. One turn of buggoblin left.

Strides decides the ledge is spacious enough, and teleports down, dropping to 2mp.

Loud follows Stands, having the same luck with finding the explosive.

Dives continues to be unable to do anything, so far as she knows.



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