The Labyrinths Tests

December 8th update

“Any goblins without sandwiches left?”
“I’d like to have an extra sandwich or two, please.”
Sir hands both sandwiches to Stands and summons another two, dropping to 4mp.

Itchy climbs down to the ledge. It’s rather dark, despite the presence of the fireflies, and the only things visible appear to be some irregularly shaped rocks.

Stands uses the ring to create a large spherical explosive, dropping to 3mp. Whether it will wait for his command to explode is unknown, considering its size. He then hands the ring to Sir Edam.

Strides asks Stands for permission to try teleporting the large explosive.
“Sure thing, just make sure you don’t teleport it into the next room, it might make the guards antsy.”
Strides then proceeds to teleport the ball to an unknown location, dropping to 4mp.

Loud meditates to 5mp.

Dives simply waits, unable to recover through meditation.



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