The Labyrinths Tests

December 6th update

Itchy casts Buggoblin, dropping to 2mp and begins to climb down the crevice after the fireflies. No bottom in sight so far.

“Hey, wow, I think I am getting better at this. Now summoning two sandwiches only costs me 1 MP. Earlier I needed 2 MP for two sandwiches. Meaning I can now create more cheesy goodness before I need some rest, yum!”
Sir passes the two sandwiches to Itchy and Hot Air, summoning up another two and dropping to 3mp.

Stands meditates to 3mp.

Dives meditates, but find that she feels no stronger after doing so.

Strides teleports a bunch of pebbles into an unknown area using manipulation and drops to 3mp.

“Can I have the ring back, please?”
Loud tries creating multiple areas that would trap someone’s feet, dropping to 2mp, but finds as he creates more separate areas they become harder to maintain, and thus, weaker.



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