The Labyrinths Tests

December 5th update

Dives enchants Sir’s blade, as requested, and feels weaker yet again.

Loud meditates to 4mp. “Anyone else want to practice with the ring?”
“I’ve always wanted to try this thing out.” Stands takes the ring and plans to test how it effects his spells, but he requires a live target for the stunning, so he’s limited to trying to judge power by the size of the explosions, but can easily test the number of targets.
Stands uses manipulation to create an explosion which does look larger than normal, and he manages a shaped explosive with advanced manipulation too, which shifts three stones in the cave. This experimentation brings Stands to 1mp.

“I wonder what would happen if you channeled the magic first through the ring, then through the staff.”
“Or if you were putting the ring on a staff… Nah that’s a too crazy idea.”
Itchy meditates to 5mp.

Strides meditates to 5mp after realising he was meant to have done some experimentation and dropped to 3mp last turn. The results of said experimentation prove distance has no effect on his teleportation.

Sir passes his sandwich to Jack and summons up another two, dropping to 4mp.



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