The Labyrinths Tests

December 12th update

Sir summons another two sandwiches, dropping to 4mp, and one of the two he was holding disappears.

“Well…….this is fun…..” Loud manages to manipulate his way to the platform where Strides is standing, dropping to 3mp as he goes.

Itchy meditates while considering whether he should climb around the edge of the walls. He is now at 3mp, and has two turns of buggoblin left.

“Why don’t you take the glowing box down into the crevice? It should give a bit more light than the fireflies.” Dives pushes the glowing box into the crevice, and Strides catches it.

After catching the box, Strides uses it’s light to have a closer look at the stones. Most of them appear to just be stones, but one appears to be shaped like a sword, the blade emerging from the ledge.

Stands begins moving back towards the others, summoning another explosive and dropping to 3mp. “So, we gonna charge into the fray anytime soon?”



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