The Labyrinths Tests

december 11th update

Stands continues to adventure back into the maze everyone had just made it out of while looking for his explosive. This seems a bit further than Strides can teleport, even with the ring. Stands then meditates to 5mp.

Itchy continues to climb down into the crevice. The walls of the pit just stop here, but the pit continues. Three turns of buggoblin.

Strides takes a moment to have a closer look at the rocks. A couple look like they may be the same shape as some objects other than rocks, but it’s really too dim to know what exactly.
“I can teleport you back up, just not down.”
“Well, that’ll help. Thanks.”

Loud jumps, using the ring and manipulation to slow his fall. Basic seems to be enough to slow him down a bit, and he drops two rooms this turn, dropping to 4mp. Seems there’s no need for Strides to teleport him to safety yet.

Sir meditates to 5mp, becoming tired of waiting. “Can we get this party started soon, or will you be much longer? Because if you need more time, I could find something else for me to do, like clipping my toenails.”
“You could use the time to make a huge amount of sandwiches, kind of like I’ve been using the past 15 turns to stockpile explosives.”

Dives shows she has more patience than Sir, waiting calmly for stuff to happen.



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