The Labyrinths Tests

December 10th update

“Well okay. While I have nothing better to do I guess I can do some scouting.” Dives uses the advanced senses of smell and hearing that comes with having three canine heads to check on the guards, and finding nothing unusual about them does the same with the chasm. There are absolutely no smells or sounds coming from the chasm.

Sir meditates to 3mp and offers the ring back, to which Loud responds by returning to the cave and collecting the ring.

Stands continues to search for his explosive, moving one room along, but finding nothing. He then summons another explosive, focusing on the ‘only explode on cue’ aspect, dropping to 3mp. The explosive he receives is notably smaller than the ball.

“Man, I hope there’s something down here worth the climb down… and back up. Aww crap, I gotta climb back up.” Itchy climbs down another room and recasts buggoblin, dropping to 1mp. He has four turns of buggoblin.

Loud moves into the chasm room considers using advanced manipulation and the ring to safely descend, thinking Strides could act as a safety in case he fails, but realises two things: one, Strides doesn’t have enough MP to teleport anyone this round, and two, Strides can only teleports someone who is in the same room as him, and Loud is trying to reach a room below him.

Strides meditates to 4mp.



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