The Labyrinths Tests

October 15th update

Loud continues to follow the path west. It continues even further west.

Sir: “Erm, hi there. I am Sir Edam, who might you be? Sorry for any incovenience we caused, we did not mean any harm. Usually most dead people don’t care about their stuff or what happens to their bodies anymore.” After a little bit of thought, he adds: “Or maybe they do, but they don’t articulate it. Anyway, is there some way we might help each other out?”
Skeleton: “No one likes to watch people stealing from them, most of us dead people are just incapable of doing anything about it. As for helping each other, I doubt you have any way you can help me with being dead.”
Dives: "Whoa! A talking skull! Sorry but most skellies just try to outright jump and kill one instead of just complaining – not that I’m complaining about the fact that you don’t try to kill us, but hey! It’s not that often that the dead complain about the looting protocol -is that ‘cause you are a mage?
Skeleton: "I’m complaining because I can, and I can because I want to. Nothing to do with being a magician."
Dives: “Most of us have a screw loose because of that, too.
- Not me of course I’m totally sane and Sir Edam here is, too.”
Skeleton: “Are you saying I’m insane? Get a bit closer and say that again, so I can gnaw your foot off!”
Dives: “So did you come here from the future?”
Skeleton: “I came from where I came from. That happened to be a ball of fire and I don’t know or care how it put me here.”

Dives: “Oh and why don’t you come with us? I think I could carry your skull easily enough, errrr….and it did not look like you were actually using the rest of your body, when we found you. Must be boring just to hang on here all the time.”
Skeleton: “Lady, I’m dead. There’s no difference between laying around doing nothing and being carried around doing nothing when your mind is detachable. You can carry me around if you want, but I don’t know if it’ll be any help to either of us.”
Hot Air: “Oi! I’m not insane!”
Dives: “Okay, Hot Air here is completely sane, too.”
Skeleton: “Waddya mean ‘Hot Air here’? There are only two of you here as far as I can see. You don’t seem too sane to me.”

Hot Air turns to address Jack. “What the fudge are you doing? And where the hell is everyone else?”
Jack ignored Hot Air, continuing his epic struggle. There are just too many of them for him to win this fight! He collapses beneath the sign, nearly defeated.
Itchy feels that he has managed to avoid an unpleasant conversation, and continues down the hallway. He arrives to see Hot Air staring in confusion at Jack, who seems to be having some sort of fit.

Stands continues along the path, wishing it weren’t so straight. The path must have heard him and decided to do something about his complaints, because it continues to be straight! Amazing!

Strides tries to cast another spell through the ring. He ends up teleporting himself one room along the path Loud is currently following, four rooms from where he was before. He is also at 1mp.

October 14th update

Sir Edam and Dives loot the skeleton, after Dives knocks the skull of the skeleton.
“Was that entirely necessary? Here I am, minding my own business being constantly stomped on, and you go and knock my head off. Awfully rude of you.”
Upon closer inspection, the robe is made of a tough leather, and there are two other things on the skeleton’s body: A wand and a yellow potion, because red, blue, and purple potions are over-used.
“Eh, do you mind? Whatever happened to respecting the dead?”
“Maybe that is a magical robe, not that it helped this guy any against the minotaur. Looks like we either aint the first guineapigs for this dungeoncrawl or this guy used a time-travelling spell top get himself killed before entering the dungeon.”
“I can assure you, there is nothing magical about my robe. Nothing at all. Now leave my stuff alone.”

Loud continues northward and meditates. he is at 5mp. The path turns west at this point.

Hot Air continues to try to catch up. She reaches the point where Jack is standing, in the first room of the maze. He appears to be performing unspeakable acts which will be spoken of shortly.

Itchy subconsciously tempts the wrath of the DM. He the consciously moves towards the sign for a better look. He is one room along the three-room hallway.

The unspeakable acts that were previously mentioned are now going to be spoken of. Jack casts buff/debuff on himself, and is debuffed, bringing his attack level to negative 1 for the turn. He then proceeds to wage war on his chest hairs, but they are just getting stronger! Oh dear lord, there’s more of them now! They must be staging a revolution!
Jack is at 3mp.

Meanwhile, in sanity land, stuff happens. Stand continues south, and finds that this path turns south too.

Strides decides to try channelling his magic through the ring. He has nothing exact to focus on, so he tries the wall. Suffice to say a very large chunk of wall is now MIA, and Strides is at 3mp.

October 13th update

Sir decides he is actually at 4mp, since people won’t stop with their sneaky resting, and summons another two sandwiches, which he hands to Itchy and Dives. He is back to 2mp. He then enters the crevice, which is damp, and dark, but he can mostly see what’s inside. It looks like the crevice was just smashed from the wall, or broken over time, with rough walls. There appears to be a skeleton laying on the floor, and it is wearing some form of robe.

Loud decides to go north. The path continues north or goes back south.

Hot Air continues trying to catch up with the others. “Wait up for me you smegheads!”
Still two rooms away from Jack though.

Speaking of Jack, he has decided to loot his chest. He finds: Some skin.

Dives brings her box into the crevice to shed some light on the situation. Hole in wall, skeleton on floor. Yup. She feeds her sandwich to a bunny, healing it.

Itchy follows Sir around, eating another sandwich, and reaching 4hp.

Strides follows the others into the crevice.

Stands goes south along the path, which continues to go further south. He examines the horn. It has a sharp point on the end, seems quite solid, so it will not bend or break, and as for magic, it is not currently throwing fireballs at anything, so you don’t think it’s magical.

October 12th

Sir trades with Itchy, receiving the knife in exchange for the club and a sandwich. Not a club sandwich though. Itchy eats the sandwich, and is at 3hp.

Hot Air goes back to the minotaur room, and tries to reach Stands, but fails to get past the minotaur room.

Itchy casts propulsion, dropping to 3mp, and runs past Stands and the sign, being prepared for absolutely anything. Except for nothing, he wasn’t prepared for that. The path splits in two, and goes south or north. Propulsion wears off next turn.

Dives eats a sandwich, and reaches 3hp.

Stands reads the sign;
“Behold the maze, beware the _____,
Do not be fazed, _____ the feast.”
Okay, so Loud has just run into a maze, with something to beware and a feast somewhere around the place…
“Hey, wait for me!” Stands runs after him.

Strides meditates. He is at 4mp.

Jack continues down the hall and tries to loot a chest. There are currently three chests in the room which he is standing in: His, Stands’, and Loud’s. Which is he trying to loot?

Magic happens. Dives was restored to 5mp.

October 11th update

Dives decides to check on the rabbits. One of them is asleep, or more likely has been knocked unconscious by Dives being knocked around by the minotaur, one of cowering in fear, and the third is glaring angrily at her.

Sir tries to summon multiple sandwiches. He manages to summon a total of two sandwiches, because people are badly hurt and the DM isn’t a complete ass. He is at 2mp.

Itchy reaches into the hole and, feeling something, pulls out a knife. He then meditates, since he still can, and waits for Strides to teleport him. He ends up in the minotaur’s room at 4mp.

Loud, seeing he isn’t needed, moves back toward Jack. He arrives in the minotaur’s room again.

Hot Air decides to rest. She is now at 5mp.

Strides, after teleporting itchy to the minotaur room, walks back there himself. He is at 2mp.

Stands continues on into the unknown, which turns out to be more corridor. The sign hangs above him, close enough to read now.

Jack misinterprets the DM’s saying the sign is far away as the sign being up high, so he tries to jump from wall to wall to climb as high as possible. He ends up bonking his head on the ceiling.

October 10th update

Stands claims a horn from the minotaur and returns to the west, muttering about missing out on the action.

Loud claims the second horn and moves back to the spike room and meditates. He is now at 4mp.

Hot air watches itchy being chased by spikes. “This is going to hurt!” She tries to blast him forward, but there are just too many spikes closed for the blast to have any real effect.

Itchy runs. Fast. Alas, he is not fast enough to get away from them, and is dropped to 2hp when the last set clamps down on his legs, but he is also thrown into the safe zone by this, and is leaning near the hole in the wall. It looks about big enough to fit both his arms inside.

“You’re welcome, milady.” Sir claims the club and meditates. He is now at 4mp.

Strides moves back to the spike room. While being unable to help Itchy now, he thinks he can teleport him back instead of having him run that death machine again.

Dives stops maintaining the burning effect and collects her box again, before meditating. She is at 3mp.

Jack checks out the thing hanging from the ceiling. It looks to be a small block of wood, hanging from two chains. He’ll need to get a bit closer to see exactly what it is.

The last of the minotaur’s life drains away (That’s right, it was defeated, but not quite dead), and as it dies, the goblins feel a surge of energy. They have all gained access to a new spell.

They have gained:
Dives; Burning Blood,
Loud; Deafening Roar,
Stands; Concussive blast,
Jack; Thief!,
Strides; Accuracy,
Hot Air; Panic,
Itchy; Crawling Carapace,
Sir Edam; Grease.
They all also feel they have gained basic manipulation of their elements.

“Basic Manipulation” meaning you can do most simple things, for example, Loud could make a semi-solid wall of air that slows down moving objects. Manipulation always costs 1mp.

October 9th update

Sir Edam cheesewheels the minotaur, but deals no damage, and he is down to 2mp.

Strides teleports the box above the minotaur, and Dives maintains the burning effect, bringing her down to 1mp, but managing to deal six damage to the minotaur, which collapses, defeated. You can claim its club, and both of its horns.
Strides it down to 3mp.

“A freakin’ minotaur!?! Seriously!?! And next time will you two sucicidal mages ignore the blood covered path with an obvious hostile inside, maybe?!?”

Stands rushes to aid in the fight against the minotaur, but finds it defeated.

Dives mutters a thanks to the others who had run to help her.

Itchy, knowing full well that the others would annihilate the minotaur, comes up with a plan to reach the hole once the spikes retract. He activates his bugoblin skill, dropping to 2mp and tries scurrying along the ceiling to reach the far side, but the spikes begin slamming along, same as they did with Strides. The spikes are gaining on him as he crosses the room.

The adventure thus far

You awake in a room, crisp white and clean, with seven others sitting in beds nearby, arranged in a circle. You cautiously sit up, wondering how you arrived in this strange place, and you note the others coming into consciousness as well, each slowly taking in their surroundings.

Soon after everyone has awoken, a man appears in the middle of the circle formed by the beds, flickering slightly, suggesting an astral projection instead of his actual presence, and examines each of you carefully, before speaking.
“I have brought you eight here to perform… Well, let’s call it an experiment. The most powerful of the magi under my command have sifted through your minds to find your wishes for power. You are the few that I found acceptable.
“Upon my discovery of your wishes, you were altered, infused with magic that you beasts may not have before witnessed or accessed. You won’t have full control of your powers yet, and must work towards learning the extent of them, working together to stay alive while you learn.
“This process is not without its downsides though. I cannot supply power without a price. In your case, you may have lack the strength you once had, leaving you insufficient in combat capabilities, and some of you may have been so unlucky as to have your mind fracture slightly. Not to worry though, as these defects should not leave you too vulnerable, and the presence of magic has likely replaced the need for weapons to defend yourselves… And possibly coherent thought.

Now, on to the aim of this experiment. Giving a being magical abilities is not a common occurrence. Yes, all beings are born with an innate magical awareness, but most are unable to tap into this, and the only real effects they feel are a slight prickling of the skin, which is their subconscious trying to warn them of the magic nearby.
You are the first group with whom I have tried the procedure of bringing forth this subconscious, giving you access to this power. The process has not had a chance to be refined, which is the cause for the side effects, and you may not be as powerful as a naturally gifted being, but there should be no permanent damage. Your memories may return given sufficient time, and your bodies will recover, grow back to their previous strength if you work hard enough.
You will be set to a series of tasks, which will hopefully be enough to challenge you, to encourage what is still locked to reveal itself. Now, before you become too enraged for my tampering, I am not simply abusing you, using you as testing dummies. I offer a trade of sorts. If you manage to make your way through the tests, then you will be free to go, to return to your families and villages, to keep your newfound power. In exchange, I shall be observing, learning. I hope to eventually find a way to optimise the process of accessing the inherent powers everyone has.
You may think I simply want to find a way to make my soldiers stronger, improve myself, but this is not so. My people have been facing danger for some time now, and this is the last resort to protect them. I have not the numbers to take my own men to test, and not the time to send word to others of my need for willing subjects, so I am forced to fall back on the like of you, who have no business being pulled into this."
You cannot be sure if the man is truthful or if he is trying to trick you into going through with this. There is no real option here though, so you’ll just have to find out.

“An exit will shortly open in the northern wall, and you will be supplied with several staves, which will make it easier for you to channel your power, in the next room. I would suggest you get accustomed to the effects before you proceed any farther than the next few rooms.”

At this, the projection vanishes, and a door opens in what you assume is the north wall shortly afterwards.

Strides: “Pssh, I bet he didn’t even look at any other people.”
Dives: “My skull feels like some dwarfs are mining ore in there.”
Hot Air: “Lovely. We are smegging test dummies. That means we have to fight. Well, I DON’T WANT TO FIGHT! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!”
“I feel cold,” Freezes says and he follows his new friend into the next room.
Itchy scratches his arms while looking at the others. “Does anyone else hear that buzzing?”
Loud: “Buzzing? Don’t you mean that, sort of, whooshing sound? Also, why is everyone being so Loud! I can hardly hear myself think, you’re all making so much noise!”
Itchy: “Nope. It’s not a whoosh, it’s a BBZZZZZZ and it’s driving me nuts.”
“Aww!” Jack yawns, rising up and rubbing his sore arms. “Hmph. Just like he said. Anyone else do this voluntarily?” He says while walking to the door, Strides, Itchy and Hot Air following.

The new room holds eight metal boxes in a row against a wall. There is a door leading east into a hallway, and one leading south, back to the previous room.

While all this is happening, Sir Cheddar decides to see what happens if he does nothing. Nothing happens.

Strides teleports a box as high up into the air as he can, planning for it to fall and break when it hits the ground. Being made of metal as it is, it lands with a thud, and one side falls open, but there is no mass destruction.
The drain on Strides’ body from casting that spell without any tool to focus power through has left him feeling drained, and he will be forced to rest next turn, to return to 2mp.

Hot Air: “Look, I have no idea who you are but open up!” A sudden gust flips open the box, but it leaves Hot Air too tired to act next turn.
“….That makes no sense at all! Why would someone fuse me with helium? What the fudge is that?”

Freezes tries to freeze one of the boxes with a cone of cold. The spell leaves him drained and unable to act next turn, and the box remains inactive.

Itchy, Loud, Dives, Sir Edam and Jack choose the simpler route of lifting the lid on the box
Jack: “Please, please work!”
The lids move easily, and inside each is a staff and a set of cloth robes, which they immediately take and equip.

Loud tried to focus energy through his staff, and manages to cause a blast of air to push from the end. He has been reduced to 4mp.

Sir Edam gathers up his gear, checking the colouring of the robe, finding it an unpleasant brown, and heads to the east, with Itchy and Jack in tow. As soon as they passes the threshold, he somehow knows he won’t be able to return.

Strides, Hot Air and Freezes are still all laying on the floor, trying to focus and catch their strength. All three are back to 2mp.
During this time, Hot Air seems to be having delusions, and is yelling at nothing.
“What is this? Some sort of sleep spell? Explain yourself! Mustn’t sleep, must keep moving.”

Dives gets the notion of using one of the boxes, or her staff, as a torch. The staff is made of wood, so no luck there, but she can carry a box along with her. She leaves to the east as well, and she too feels she can no longer return.

The ground of the new room is paved with stones, of varying shades of grey. The hallway ends in a doorway eastward yet again. Peering through the doorway you can see a large, open area, almost completely black. It is difficult to see any more than that from where you stand.

Dives puts down her box, and looks for any sign of enemies or traps. There doesn’t look to be anything living, there are no tripwires, and the different stones that make up the floor are many different shades, making it near impossible to know if there are any trigger-based traps.
She then points her staff at the box, feeling incredibly foolish, saying “Let there be light.” And light was had, and it was good. Which means the box began to glow a soft yellow, like a fire would make, but no heat seemed to be generated from where she stood.
Dives has been reduced to 4mp.

Loud passes into the short hall, muttering to himself, “Interesting… It appears I have power of Air. This should be useful…..” He then proceeds further into the next room. It’s too dark to see anything in here right now.

Sir Edam begins day dreaming of piles of food. Cheese everywhere. He waves his staff absent-mindedly, and one of the sandwiches in the pile he sees vanishes. A sudden weight hits the end of the staff, and he looks down, to find a sandwich somehow balanced on the end of the staff.
Sir Edam is down to 4mp.

“Oh way to go great tinker! You got two air based mages!” Hot Air grabs a staff and cloak while saying this. “You know, I don’t like it here!” She then shuffles along with the others.

Freezes collects a set of gear, and moves into the hall.

Itchy moves on toward the next room. As he moves his a dark stone shifts under his foot, and an arrow flies from nowhere, striking him for 2 damage, before disappearing again. Despite the hit, he continues forward into the next room, not harmed any further.

Jack examines the walls closely. He notices a couple of slots in one wall, which he assumes the arrow came from. It’s amazing the arrow could fit through, even altered by magic. The slots are so small it’s pure luck he can see them. It may be too late to stop Itchy from being hurt, but at least the group should able to avoid any further pressure plates if they judge by where the slots are.

Strides goes back to the starting room to grab a blanket from one of the beds. As he pulls a cover from its position, he notices a a hollow under the bed, hidden by the blanket falling against the ground.

Hot Air: “Great so you put us in here for traps? You want us to die then? You are going to pay! You’re going to pay! I’ll find you and I’ll show you what happens when you mess with…! What are your guys names? The damned thing took my frinkin memory and I don’t even know! Darn you!” Hot Air continues along with the group into the darkness.

Dives: “Great! What am I? Some sort of pyromaniac? I’m NOT crazy! I’m not fit to be some fire obsessed weirdo!”
Hot Air: “Seems like you are! At least you seem to work with your element! Stupid stupid mean man who wiped my memory! How am I supposed to know that I used to be Blows Hot Air! Hey! Yea, I’m Blows Hot Air!”
Loud: “Impressive, ermmm…. I’m sorry, what was your name? I’m Makes-Loud-Noises, but everyone calls me Loud. Here, let me help you with that.”
“I’m Dives too Deep, nice to meet you, could be better circumstances, though.”
Dives tests the box to see if it would burn her, but there doesn’t seem to be any result from touching it. She goes to carry it into the next room to create some light, but Loud picks it up for her and carries it into the dark room. The darkness seems to be fading from the room. You can see a door in the north wall, but it is much too high up to reach. The floor is made up of large flat stones, about large enough for three of you to stand abreast, and the roof has many large stalactites hanging from it.

Loud turns to speak to Itchy, “You should try to be more careful of where you step. Who knows what other traps there are around here.”

Dives then tries to set off some traps with her staff to collect the arrows, which she waits for everyone to be out of the road for.
Once everyone is out of the road, she presses down several tiles in line with a slot until she finds a pressure plate, causing an arrow to fire. She tries to collect it, but it vanishes before she can move towards it.

Strides examines the hollow closely. it’s only large enough for his hand to fit down there, but no more. He ties the blanket into a cape, and feels rather silly with these antics.

Sir Edam tries to hand the sandwich to Itchy, but since they’re in different rooms, this isn’t possible. He then tries to repeat the act of calling for a sandwich, and feels a tugging, but is unable to bring a second sandwich to him.

Freezes continues into the into the next room.

“Was that entirely necessary?” Itchy says, assuming the jackass nice man what put us here is listening to everything. He then stands still and listens for movement, but all he can hear is the chattering of bugs.

Jack runs and tumbles along the hall. There are several clicks, but he manages to duck the arrows.

Itchy proceeds to the northern wall, wary of any traps, but does not encounter any. When he reaches the wall, he tries to determine whether he could lift someone to the doorway, but it would require a tower of several people, and he doubts he could support enough people to reach the door.

Jack: “So, what are your thoughts on the traditional class-system and social structure of goblin society?”
Jack inspects the room. Nothing special seems to stick out.

Strides reaches into the hollow, and feels his hand brush against metal. He pulls the object out, and discovers it to be a ring with a red gem encrusted in it.

Loud crosses to the north wall, and tries to determine if it would be possible to climb up or stand on a ledge before the door. The walls are too smooth to provide adequate hand- or foot-holds, and the door has not even the slightest ledge before it.

Sir Edam proceeds into the latest room, mindful of traps, and passes the sandwich to Itchy.

Dives enters the room and looks around, speaking to herself.
“Hmmm I wonder whether those big stone plates are hiding some sort of mechanism, too. Maybe they are designed to throw us into the stalagtites once one or more of us steps on them. Is there one near that door?”
Soon after voicing the question, she sees that there is indeed a stalactite hanging fairly close to the door, if a bit higher.

Hot Air absent-mindedly casts a spell, and feels her body lighten.
Hot Air is down to 1mp.

Freezes stands around and does nothing. While one may expect this to regenerate mana, it does not.

Dives: “Class system? what are you talking about, Jack? None of us has a character class. That would be just silly.”
Jack: “Yes, yes. Of course. How could I forget?”

Dives: “I’m sure this room has a secret, help me look for it everyone!”
Dives starts investigating the floor for some sort of trigger, but can find none.

Hot Air jumps down the hall, casting gust to propel her further. She lands in the next room with a thud, and collapses to the ground at 0mp.

Freezes snaps out of his trance and runs to catch up with the others.
“Wait for me.”

Strides places the ring on his finger, checking how many fingers he has as he does so, just in case he lost or gained some since last time he looked at his hands. Still four fingers on each hand.
He then checks under the rest of the beds, but finds nothing of interest.

Sir Edam helps Dives with searching for triggers and such, but has no more luck than Dives. He then tries to summon another sandwich but doesn’t have time this turn.

Itchy shoves the sandwich in his mouth and starts chewing, healing for 1hp. He then casts Bugoblin on himself and climbs up the wall to check near the door. No irregularities, no witches, there’s nothing.

Jack moves to catch up with the others, but he’s already in the stalactite room.

Loud: “Alright, everyone stand back, I’m going to try something”
Loud blasts the stalactite near the door and it rocks for a moment, before dropping and breaking through the ground. It’s still too high to reach, but not as high as the door.

Itchy opens the door before dropping down onto the stalactite that has just landed, with the intentions of helping others up, but he’s just a bit too high up.

Sir Edam manages to conjure another sandwich, dropping him to 3mp. He then throws the sandwich up to Itchy.

“Worth it.” Hot Air rests and recovers 2mp.

“Aha, I was right!” Loud blasts another stalactite near the other, smaller this time. It looks small enough for Itchy to help the others up.

“That’s some brilliant idea, you had there Loud.” Dives picks up her box again, searching for anything interesting in the room, but everything seems unremarkable.

Jack leans back and watches Loud bring down another stalactite. He could probably reach the edge of the lower one if he jumped for it.

Strides gathers up the other seven covers before trying to teleport to the others, but he is interrupted by Dives; “Wait Strides! You need to fetch yourself a staff from the room next to yours! Else you’ll just completely burn up your magic whenever you use it! There should be a robe for you as well… And could you bring another metal box along? they are surprisingly useful.”
It is fortuitous that dives realised Strides had yet to collect a staff or robe, as he would have been unable to return for them.

Freezes freezes to the spot, not even seeming to breathe.

Sir Edam meditates, bringing himself back to 5mp, before being helped up onto the lower of the two ex-stalactites. He then moves on into the next room. The room is not too large, but the floor and roof are covered in cages, each of which holds a creature of some kind.

Dives meditates to recover her mana, and intended to move on to the next room, but Itchy is only capable of helping up one person per turn.

“Dam you mana! I hate you! I hate you!” Hot Air meditates, bringing her mp up to 4.

Itchy chews on the sandwich while he helps Sir Edam up, healing to full health in the process. He tries to rest afterwards, but doesn’t have time.

Loud meditates, and gets back to 5mp.

Strides goes back to the room with the boxes and collects the final set of gear.

Jack jumps up and manages to grab onto the edge of the lower former-stalactite, then pulls himself up and stands beside Itchy.

Freezes zones out, as if his mind had left him. He is left susceptible to suggestions, and with being attuned to magic, it may even be a possible for another to inhabit his body.
Sir Edam suggests he rests, and he does so, recovering to 4mp.

Loud gets Itchy’s help with reaching the impromptu stairs, before moving into the cage room. He looks for the exit, but the cages are too solid and numerous to see the exit. Thjere only appears to be one path to follow anyway, so he starts down that. After he takes a few steps in a couple of cages on the roof snap open, and four small birds fly out of them, looking rather angry at their recent entrapment. They quickly spot Loud and make a loop of the room before preparing to swoop.

Hot Air casts levitate, dropping to 3mp, and jumps to the fallen stalactites, grabbing onto the edge of the lower one and pulling herself up. “Stupid acrobatics!”

Sir Edam moved to examine the cages, but sees the birds preparing to swoop Loud. Thinking quickly, he pictures a large cheese wheel hitting the birds, and is pleased by the results. One of the birds is hit for one damage, but manages to remain in the air.

Strides meditates, and brings his mana back up to four.

Itchy, after helping Loud up, feels the effects of his spell wear off. Despite this, he should be able to continue to help the others.

Jack decides to help someone up. He pulls Freezes up, preaching about democracy the entire time.
Either a spirit decided to take advantage of the empty body, or Jack’s preaching has stirred something inside of Freezes, for a change takes place, rarely seen. Freezes’ skin changes colour to black, and he looks around, a bit dazed, but fully functional again.

Dives tries to reach the next room, but just stumbles around for a bit, unsure of how to do so. It seems Freezes wasn’t the only one who has had trouble keeping things together. At least Dives still seems to have some vestige of thought.

Itchy runs into the room, summoning a swarm to attack the birds. They attack the bird that got hit by the cheese last round, dealing one damage and killing it. He overextends himself though, and drops to mp, being forced to rest next turn.

“Damn you birds!” Hot Air gusts one of the birds, and deals one damage. She is now down to 2mp.

Sir Edam hits that same bird with another cheese wheel, dealing another two points of damage and killing it. He drops down to 3mp

“Damn flying pests! ……erm…no offense meant, Itchy.” Loud blasts the third bird, dealing one damage, but doesn’t knock it back. He is brought to 3mp.

Stands knocks the bird across the room, dealing another two damage and killing it. This brings Stands to 3mp.

Stride loads the blankets into a box and holds it under his arm as he telports into the cage room. He is reduced to 2mp.

Jack pulls Dives up, who shakes her head to make sure everything is in working order.
“No goblin left behind dammt!”

The final bird circles around and swoops at Loud, but its wings are only mildly annoying.

“Hey, bird meat goes great with cheese.” Sir Edam rests, returning to 5mp.

Dives tries to set the bird on fire, but when there is no resulting fwoosh she yells,
“Why isn’t it working? Darn it! Come on!” She tries again and instead sets one of the cages to burning. You can hear the animals trapped within screaming in pain. You monster.
Dives is down to 3mp.

Hot Air tries to sleep and think of new spells, but the bird flying around the room and the animals screaming in pain is too distracting. She does manage to block it out long enough to recover to 4mp.

Itchy tries to check the cages after his enforced rest, but it seems this rest takes the entire turn. Itchy is at 2mp.

Loud meditates, coming back up to 5mp, then follows the path. As he moves, two more cages snap open, and an ice elemental and large cat move out. They don’t seem to take notice of Loud.

Jack: “You killed birds locked in cages. YOU killed birds in cages. BIRDS IN CAGES. YOU KILLED THEM sigh Look, I don’t know if I can do this with you guys. It’s obvious that you’re traditionalists and YOU KILLED BIRDS IN CAGES!”
Aand now they do. Jack’s yelling has attracted the attention of the two newly released creatures.
Itchy: “No, we killed birds that busted out of their cages and attacked us first. Bit of a difference there. What kind of sickos do you take us for?”
Jack: “Bird killer!”
Loud: sigh “Technically, they weren’t in the cages at the time. And if you care about it that much, why don’t you look after this last one – it’s not dead yet”
Jack: “Wait! There’s one still alive!? I’ll save you bird!”
Stands: “What? did you expect us to just stand there when they flew at us menacingly?”
Hot Air: “Those damned birds attacked us! They try and fly around in my space. Then they try to smack us in the face! Oh the irony of some attacted by gust.”

Everyone argues with Jack while he attempts to save the bird from sure death. It pummels into him and flies away again.
It is decided it’s best not to upset the crazy one any more, and Itchy manages to call off his swarm.

“Anybody want a cape?” Strides begins handing out capes, while meditating to 4mp.
Stands, Hot Air, Loud and Sir Edam grab one each.

“I’m trapped in a maze with a crazy person and a caged animal burner… awesome.” Itchy unleashes a swarm on the cat, which deals no damage, and drops him to 0mp, forcing him to rest next turn.

Hot Air rests, reaching 5mp.

“…….ermmm…..little help, guys?” Loud blasts the cat, dealing 2 damage, and drops him to 4mp, but does not knock the cat back.

Sir Edam sighs and drops a cheese wheel on the cat, which deals two damage and kills it, while dropping him to 4mp.
He then tries to push the ice elemental into the burning cage, but it’s at this point they realise the bird was flying, and the burning cage is on the roof.

“Oh No!” Dives’ face pales when she sees what she has done. She tries to help the animals, but the cage is out of her reach, and she is unable to help them.

“Fly, fly birds! Up on out of here! Back to your democratic bird societies!” Jack continues to be insane.

Strides tries to teleport a cage inside the cat, but seeing it’s dead, aims for the ice elemental instead. The cage appears above the elemental and lands on it for 1 damage, but not inside it. Apparently he isn’t quite as accurate as he had hoped. He is now at 3mp.

“Well, if you want to help the birds that’s fine, but could you please help us with things that are attacking us first?” Stands hits the elemental with a shaped explosion, hitting it for another 1 damage, and dropping to 2mp.

The elemental hits Loud, dealing 1 damage.

Stands fires a propellant at the elemental, calling out after it, “Hope you have a nice ride!” the spell deals no damage, and drops Stands to 0mp, which stops him from searching the room.

Loud blasts the elemental, dealing one damage and killing it. He is dropped to 3mp.

Itchy lays about and regains 2mp.

Sir Edam plans on pushing the ice elemental into any nearby burning cages, but its death leaves him without anything to do.

Strides teleports the burning cage to the ground, and is down to 2mp.

#ing mage *#*(ing us up making us to fight these (@ing animals for no *(ed reason. I don’t want to be #$%ing trapped in this @$#ing area and I don’t like the fact that these #!ing creatures attack us for no @## reason!”

“Honestly! I can only burn metal? Which sort of magic is that supposed to be?!!!”

Jack stands around and does nothing.

Re: The Labyrinth’s Tests

Postby Dlover on Tue Oct 04, 2011 4:32 am
I’m getting tired, so I’ll post the update now:

Dives uses a sheet to open the cage, and three rabbits bound out. They seem badly injured, but are still alive.

Loud Meditates back to 5mp, before continuing along the path created by the cages. He comes to a door without much trouble. “Excuse me…..erm……Cheese…Mage…guy……but could I have a sandwich, please? That elemental was pretty rough on me.”
Sir Edam conjures a sandwich and gives it to Loud, which is quickly consumed and returns him to full health. Sir Edam is at 3mp.
Sir Edam then looks through the cages, and sees a variety of creatures; elementals, owlbears, dogs, even a unicorn. The larger cages seem to be locked.

Itchy meditates some more, reaching 4mp, then searches for a familiar. Dogs, cats, toads, fish with legs, ravens, pigeons, but no large insects.

Stands lays about and recovers to 2mp.

Strides meditates and is as 4mp.

Jack believes the elemental is still alive, and begins swinging his foot about wildly.

Loud opens the door and cautiously moves through. The path seems to split off from here, one door leads north, the other south. Apart from that the room is featureless.

Itchy follows Loud through the door. Still nothing happening in the new room.

Dives makes a sling-bag from her blanket and places the rabbits inside. She looks for food for them, but there is none around. She then meditates and is at 5mp.
“We should think carefully what to do about all those creatures. If we just set them all free, most of them will blindly attack us.
On the other hand if we can calm a few of them down and tame them, maybe they’ll help us escape from here.
Anyway. we should rest a bit.
We could roast the dead birds over the fire of the burning cage with some pieces of that cheese-wheel.”

Sir Edam meditates, bringing his mp up to 5, before trying to commune with the animals. Even if any of them are getting anything from him, they make no reply.

“I say we let those theocratic rabbits die.”
Jack continues into the next room with Loud and Itchy.

Stands meditates, reaching 4mp. He moves to the door, looking for a familiar, but none look all that friendly.
“You know, I could use a familiar too…”

Strides opens all the cages that don’t have dangerous animals in them. Dangerous animals being everything in this dungeon. A guy has given you magical powers, who’s to say he hasn’t altered the creatures?
He decides to see if the locks could be broken, but for that he would need some sort of physical strength, so no, he can’t.

“Why did nobody tell me I was missing?”
Hot Air decides to blast a rabbit. She is reduced to 4mp, and successfully does no damage to the rabbit, it being encased in Dives’ makeshift bag.

“Hmmm……north or south, north or south?……………..North!”
Loud opens the northern door and proceeds through, still wary of traps. This room is similar to the last, mostly blank, but with two pathways to choose from, West and North. This time though, one stands out. The north path is a deep crevice to the north, with dried blood smeared on the walls and floor near it, and you can hear something moving around inside.

“I wonder what those idiot humans used an unicorn for. If they caught one just for their sick experiments, they are even bigger jerks than I thought. … Is that even a real unicorn? "
Dives also looks at the animals. Long teeth, short teeth, sharp teeth, no teeth! Such a wide variety!
“Maybe we should explore a bit more and return here later- after we found some food we can try to tame some of them.”
She then moves into the first splitting of paths.
“And nobody touches my bunnies! With some luck I can create a magical bunny army, that’ll destroy the town of the humans.”

Sir Edam conjures up another sandwich, and is at 4mp. He too moves into the room with Dives.

“How are we going to tame them?”
Hot Air moves south from the intersection. This room is barely wide enough for three goblins to stand abreast, with a low ceiling, forcing you to duck your head. To make things worse, not far along the walls become covered with spikes, which then stop before reaching the end of the room.
The far end of the room seems to be a dead end, but there is a chest sitting near one wall.

“To the North!” Jack follows Loud to the north.

Itchy follows Hot Air south.

Stands moves into the north passage.

Strides teleports the unicorn to FREEDOM! …Erm, where exactly is freedom?

Loud casts propulsion and moves west. The propulsion will wear off next turn. He is at 3mp.
This appears to be a very long corridor, which continues west for a time.

Sir Edam hands Dives the sandwich. “Maybe the rabbits like cheese, too?”
He then searches for seecrits… Nothing.

Hot Air crawls on the floor like a catapillar. The DM is momentarily confused by this insect-like actions from anyone other than Itchy, before seeing the rest of the action. She is trying to get to the chest!
Strides: “I can teleport the chest to us.”
Hot Air: “You can? Then why don’t you do just that?”

Strides decides to simply teleport the chest to him. It ends up between the first lot of spikes. With the chest moved, it looks like there’s a hole in the wall behind where it sat.

Itchy rests, getting back to 5mp.

“Thanks Sir.”
Dives feeds one of the rabbits the sandwich, and it starts kicking furiously, now that it has some energy back. She then goes north, and shines some light from her box into the crevice. The noises stop briefly, then start moving closer, just outside of the light.

Strides tries to decide if there’s a hostile within the crevice, but there’s been no real sign of hostility, so he flees moves west.
“A chest? Cool! At least the wizard isn’t making us only use our starting stuff.”

Upon sight of the blood, Jack quickly turns and goes west.

Dives rubs the rabbit between the ears, and it stops kicking around. She then moves closer to the crevice to shine the light on whatever was moving. It’s a minotaur. And it’s not happy that you’re shining a light in its face. It lifts a large wooden club to swing at Dives, but she throws her box at it and ignites it, dealing 2 damage. The box stops glowing, and Dives is at 3mp.

“See what you have done? You have ruined our LOOT.” Hot air carefully opens the chest, with Itchy peering over her shoulder, but they find it to be empty.

Sir Edam conjures another sandwich to feed to another bunny, completely oblivious to the minotaur. Sir is at 3mp.

Jack keeps going west. The corridor continues, and you can make out something hanging from the ceiling further along. As he walks, Jack takes in the surroundings; the walls are rough sandstone, the ceiling arched, and the floor smooth.

Loud runs back to help Dives, muttering about not leaving things alone. He blasts the minotaur, dealing 3 damage. The minotaur stumbles a bit at the blast, but is too heavy to be knocked backward.

Stands follows Jack to the west.

Strides moves down the path towards the hole, but as he passed the first lot of spikes they slam shut, impaling the chest as they do so. They begin closing rapidly along the path, and Stands has the sense to teleport himself to the previous room.

The minotaur strikes at Dives, dealing 3 damage to her.


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