The Labyrinths Tests

October 25th update

Dives continues west, and finds another dead end, with Hot Air, Sir and Loud following. She then meditates to 5mp.
“Oi, oi, oi! Wait for me!”

Sir also summons a sandwich, dropping him to 4mp and bringing the sandwich count to 2.

“Bad… doggie…” Itchy goes hunting after Sir, and arrives at the first point where the path turns south.

Strides teleports to the room before the dog-thing, dropping to 3mp.

Stands has a few more questions for the man, “Huh, well I got here by way of an underground tunnel in the middle of nowhere, so it’s probably because of magic. So, why are you guys here? If you just came from Brassmoon, why didn’t you return after a meal? Don’t you have some kind of job?”
The man frowns before answering. “We still are in Brassmoon. Can’t you see all the buildings?” He soon goes back to smiling, “Anyway, we’re here for the celebration of the king’s marriage. He still hasn’t showed up, but he will. He will…”
At this, Stands decides to go exploring the room to the west, but for some reason he feels like it would be such a shame to leave this wonderful place.

Loud meditates to 5mp.

Jack decides to lay down and sleep. While he does so he recovers to 5mp.

October 24th update

Stands goes over to one of the tables and starts talking to the people nearby. “So, how did you guys get here? Is the food safe to eat? Why is there a giant feast underground?”
A man smiles broadly and replies, “We walked here, how else? The food seems safe enough, none of us have died or anything. …Wait, what do you mean underground? We’re in the middle of Brassmoon!”
From where he stands, Stands notices and exit to the west, which was concealed before.

Itchy decides to try something stupid. He stands on the border between the rooms and tries to talk to the beast. “Who’s a good dogies? You’re a good doggies. Yes you are. Yes you are. You’re a good three headed doggie.”
The animal stares at him for a moment, then lumbers over, pulling at its chains and slams one of its heads down on Itchy, dealing 2 damage, dropping him to 2hp. He’s lucky it couldn’t fit the rest of its heads on top of him.

Jack continues to explore. He heads south and west along the passages, into one that leads even further west.

Dives marks the south-eastern path with and X and moves along the same path Jack took, arriving to the same place.
Hot Air goes after Dives.

Strides checks for secrets. If there are any, they’re far too secret for him to see, so he heads back to the west, arriving at the intersection.

Sir inspects the dead end he has reached, and finds nothing of note, so he heads back to the intersection too.

Loud casts propulsion and goes to catch up with Dives, arriving at the same place she has. He is down to 3mp, and the propulsion will wear off next turn.

October 23rd update

“Stupid anti-magic doorways.” Itchy meditates to 5mp, and waits for the others.

Sir meditates to 5mp and heads west. The path comes to a dead end.
Loud also meditates up to 5mp and follows Sir.

Dives creates another arrow on the wall, this one pointing east and drops to 4mp. She then heads south, then east, arriving at the corridor which Strides is just leaving.

Strides moves further east along the path and finds another dead end.

Jack meditates to 3mp.

Stands moves west and meditates, reaching 5mp. This is yet another large room, but the ground is grassed, and tables are set out with food and drink. Groups of monsters and humans mingle around the tables, talking amicably.

October 22nd update

Strides goes east. The path continues east.

Itchy tries to summon a swarm to attack the dogs, but he is unable to cast between rooms, and the swarm appears in the same room as him. He is now at 3mp.

Sir Edam decides to follow a path no one has followed yet, and heads west. the path continues west.
Loud goes with Sir to the west.

“I haven’t even entered that maze, yet, and I’m already confused. I do wonder whether I can do some marking on the walls… they are made of stone all right, but in stones there is ore and I might be able to work with that.”
Dives manages to create a glowing C, with an arrow pointing in the appropriate direction, at the northern-most intersection. She then heads south and west, arriving at the next intersection.

Stands continues to go further north with his one-goblin band. He reaches a point where the path turns west, and is down to 3mp.

Jack follows Dives to the intersection while trying to work out how his basic manipulation may work. He uh… Doesn’t trip over? He is also down to 1mp.
Hot Air runs after Jack. “Wait for me!”

October 21st update

Sir Edam summons hands his sandwich to Loud, before summoning another and handing that one to him as well. He then heads south, He is at the second intersection to lead south and west.
Sir is at 4mp.
Loud thanks Sir for the sandwiches, eats them, recovering to full health, then follows Sir south along the path.

Dives moves to catch up with the others, and reaches the first intersection leading south and west.
Hot Air continues along the path and arrives to the same place as Dives.
Jack, too, moves along the north path. He reaches the intersection with Dives and Hot Air.

Stands is getting bored, so while he walks to the north, he whistles, and uses his basic manipulation to create some small blasts, which drop him to 4mp. The path splits east and north.

Strides goes south along the path. It leads east and west.

October 20th update

“…..hmmmmmm…..what to do what to do………. RUNAWAYRUNAWAYRUNAWAY!!!!!!!”
Loud casts propulsion and manages to best Sir Robin in what he does best; bravely running away.
Loud is at 2mp, but is also at the intersection, three rooms away. Propulsion will wear off two turns from now.

Sir Edam meditates to full mp, then moves west, he meets up with Loud at the intersection.

Hot Air finally makes a decision and goes North. She arrives at the corner.

Strides goes west. The path goes west and south.

Dives: “Well at least we won’t have to deal with escaping a human town then after we’re out of this…. Hmmm there seems to be some commotion to the west of here. something about a three headed dog or something. I’d rather not take on something like that, until I know all my options. Did anybody ever tell you that you’re really good at avoiding giving straight answers Arkansas? Maybe you were an oracle in your last life.”
Arkansas: “Actually, I was a jester. A Fool if you like. That could have been why I was called Chuckles, but no one knew that.”
Dives continues to follow the path, and arrives at the northern corner.

Itchy runs to the entrance of the animal’s room and goes to cast Crawling Carapace to protect Loud, but seeing Loud is already Safe, saves his mana.

Stands follows the path west. The path leads north and south.

Jack follows Hot Air to the north, taking note of her aiding him against the hair.

October 19th update

Loud continues along to the west. Just another SONOVA CRAP!
The room widens out here, and bones are scattered about the room. A large three-headed canine sits in the middle of the space, its legs chained to the floor, allowing it to move about the room freely, but not out of it. Paths lead east and west.
Loud decides it’s a good idea to airblast the thing, and hits one of its heads, and deals no damage. The head swings back and snaps at him, dealing two damage, while the other two heads look slightly confused about the attacking one swinging about, before realising there’s food in the room. They begin growling and prepare to attack. Each head must be independent.
Loud is at 4mp.

Sigh “Here is your helmet.” Hot Air intends to push a chest over Jack’s head, but the only chest in the vicinity is her own, and that would be rather inappropriate. She decides to go the direction she hasn’t been yet, and that is… Both north and south. _

Sir goes north, and arrives at the corner. He then summons another sandwich and is at 3mp.

Itchy goes west, and is one room away from where Loud is getting his ass handed to him.

Dives: “Say Arkansas, do you know anything about this place? I think it may once have been sort of a testing or training ground for mages, it might have been abandoned for some time before it was later used for crazy magical experiments on animals and monsters. – My theory, not too shabby eh?- Any idea where this place might be location-wise?”
Arkansas: “I’ll tell ya exactly where we are- The middle of goddamn nowhere. Forest for days around. Apart from that, no idea.”
Dives is at the intersection.

Strides heads south, and the path turns west. He also intends to meditate, but is at 5mp.

Stands continues north. The path leads west.

“It’s… a sign!?!? I walked for hours over here and had to fight evil feudal chest hairs just to READ A SIGN!?” Jack somehow manages to rip the sign from the chains suspending it, while standing on it, and throws it to the ground. “Huff. Puff. Oh no… Now I can’t read the sign.” he whispers, horrible realization upon him.

October 18th update

WEST!” Loud continues to follow the path. Another straight corridor leading west.

“So where is everybody?” Hot Air intends to go the direction Jack points her in, but instead of giving her one, he simply shakes himself and leaps up to grab hold of the plank of wood which is the sign.

Sir Edam continues along, and reaches the intersection this turn.

Itchy continues along the path, and reaches the section where the path splits to the south and west.

Stupid physics continue to apply to the universe in general. Worst talks to Chuckles from several rooms away.
“Well it would feel bad to just pull you along, Arkansas, if you don’t want to.So if you have any adventuring spirit left in those bleached bones of your’s say so. Then I’ll take your skull with me and we can see whether we can escape this early grave together. -Besides I’m curious about that fireball you were talking about earlier.
If you want to be left alone to find inner peace and the way to the great beyond, I’ll put your skull back on your spine , where it belongs and leave quitely. It’s all your decision.”
“I’ve seen this ‘inner peace’ and it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I suppose going along with you will be more interesting than laying around doing nothing.”
The skull appears in the air in front of Dives, and she catches it.

Stands goes north, just for something different. The path yet again splits north and west.

October 17th update

“Eeny meeny miny mo, catch a spider by the toe, if he hollers run like hell, because what the F* are you doung walking up to a spider big enough for you single out it’s toe anyway?”
Itchy decides to go north, and reaches the turn in the maze.

Stands, irritated by the lack of choices to make on this path, begins planning out some words to use next time the man shows his face. He also continues along the path, and what does he find, but a split in the path. It leads west and north.

Loud continues to move in a westerly direction. The path continues to the west.

Hot Air sings Jack a lullaby and rocks him back and forth while he is unable to move.
“Hush little baby don’t you CRY. Don’t worry about the FLY. Go to sleep now little THING. And don’t you make a big BANG.”

“Hey Sir! Maybe we can use the metal box and the cheesewheel to make a fondue next time! We just need to find some bread we can dip in.”
“Great idea. Except that my cheese wheels somehow disappear after impact.”
Sir moves along the path to the west, with Dives in tow. They are half-way along the short corridor leading to the maze.

Strides meditates then continues on towards Loud. He reaches the intersection which Loud just left.

Jack rests, and recovers to 2mp.

October 16th update

Stands grumbles and continues along the hallway, which secretly turned west last turn, but made him think it was still straight. How? A wizard did it! He also rests back to 5mp.
The path continues west.

Itchy pauses a moment to recover to 5mp, then continues along the hallway. But… He’s at an intersection.

Loud continues along the hallway. It actually splits! The path leads both west and south.

Strides meditates, reaching 3mp.

Hot Air comes to Jack’s aid, plucking a bunch of hairs from his chest. With this help, Jack finds the strength to cast Thief! on the remaining hairs and pluck them, but he is reduced to 0mp in this act.

And back to MORE insanity, but this time, involving a grumpy skeleton.
“Well, maybe we could carry your body someplace else, along with your belongings, where it will not be stepped on continuously.”
“Bah, you’ve gone and killed the minotaur now, there’s nothing left to trample me.”
“My hearing being better than your’s has nothing to do with being insane (maybe with goblin ESP but not with insanity).
Our comrades are searching for the exit around some corners and we better catch up with them. Say Skellie what should we call you? Do you remember your name from back when you lived?”
“I remember everything from when I was alive, my name was Arkansas, but everyone called me Chuckles. Don’t know why.”

Sir meditates, recovering to 4mp, hands his sandwich to Sir, and heads west out of the crevice.
Dives accepts the sandwich and eats it, recovering to 4hp, and also leves the crevice.
“Hey Sir! Maybe we can use the metal box and the cheesewheel to make a fondue next time! We just need to find some bread we can dip in.”


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