The Labyrinths Tests

November 7th update

Stands decides it’s a good idea to throw a shaped charge between the two remaining heads. He manages to stumble towards the others for a moment before dropping to the floor, but doesn’t reach the doorway.
This attracts the attention of the left head, while the right remains confused by the concussion last round. The left head attacks Stands for 2 damage, dropping him to 2hp.

Itchy enters the room again and directs a swarm at the left head, dealing minor damage.

Jack continues to hack at the right head, which Dives re-enchants again, causing her to drop to 1mp. Jack’s attack continues to cause serious pain for the head, but it’s still not unconscious.
Dives decides she’s going to try smacking the right head with her staff, but it turns out attacking is still a major action, so she doesn’t get a chance.

Sir cheesewheels the right head, dropping to 4mp. This blow finally knocks the head into unconsciousness.

Strides returns to battle and drops his trust wall on the final head, dealing a moderate amount of damage. Strides is down to 1mp.

Loud continues to meditate and reaches 4mp.

Hot air recovers to 2mp and can act again.

November 4/5/6th update

Sir backs into the last room and meditates to 5mp, dragging Loud with him.
“Good job, team, one down, two to go. Time for a tactical retreat and regroup.”

Dives re-enters the battle and enchants Jack’s knife again, dropping to 2mp.

Itchy meditates. He tries to get twice the energy from the meditation, but he gets to 5mp regardless.

Strides, seeing Loud is safe, decides to attack whichever head isn’t being attacked before retreating. That’s none, so he skips straight to running away.

“Hey guys! It’s good to see you! Need some help with the dog?”
Stands hits the right head with a concussive blast and drops to 1mp. The head will not be able to attack for a time.

Hot Air casts panic on the left head, dropping to 0mp. The head flips out, but doesn’t hit anything.

Jack hits the right head, dealing a fair amount of damage.
“Stop slobbering all over me! I don’t like slobber!”

Loud recovers to 2mp and can act again.

November 3rd update

Sir Edam decides to wait for three others to enter and before following and cheeswheeling the head Jack attacks. Results will be seen.

Jack casts Thief! on the middle head, then tries to attack, but he has spent his major action to cast Thief!, and cannot attack this turn. He has dropped to 2mp.
The middle head attacks Jack, dealing only 1 damage.
Sir, seeing that Jack isn’t attacking, but has targeted the middle head, will also target that one. Now just two more people need to go in there before he gets going.

Itchy enters the lair and summons a swarm to attack the left head. Itchy drops to 3mp and the insects attack, but deal no damage.
One more person…

Stands is disappointed that he’s missing out on a battle, and follows the path north, firing a blast down the hall and dropping to 4mp. The path turns east.
“Hey Hot Air, do you think you can replace enough of the cereberus’ air with helium for it to start choking? That might help.”

Dives moves in and casts Boiling Blood on the dog. Since she didn’t specify which head to target, it will be random… The boiling blood hits the middle head. That head is stunned for this turn, though it has already attacked Jack, so it has no effect other than causing damage. Dives is at 1mp.

Three people have entered, so Sir enters the room too, and casts Cheesewheel on the middle head, dealing some more damage and dropping to 4mp.

Strides enters the room and, deciding the chunk of wall is large enough to use as a weapon, drops in on the middle head. Strides is at 3mp.

“But…I wanna make it so that when it barks it’s a sqeak toy….but fine.”
Hot Air casts panic, dropping to 1mp. Since which head was not specified, this too, shall be random… The right head is targeted, and it begins to panic, becoming too confused to attack.

Loud casts propulsion on himself, dropping to 3mp, and tries to take the blow from the head which is not being hit by Burning blood or focused on Jack. The left head is the only one which is not being distracted yet, so Loud gets between it and Itchy, and manages to draw its attention away from him before dodging out of the way. Propulsion will wear off in three turns.

November 2nd update

“So where are we on doing this?” Itchy, getting no reply, meditates to 5mp.

Loud meditates to 5mp.

Sir Hands the two sandwiches to Loud, and when Jack arrives, one to him as well as the glowing knife.

Dives begins preparing herself to cast the most evil of her spells, burning blood. While she does this, she also meditates to 5mp.

Hot Air proves the DM wrong about never needing to make an enemy sound squeaky by adding helium to their breath with basic manipulation, dropping to 4mp in the process.
One problem though, the beast isn’t talking, only panting, so her spell has no effect whatsoever. Guess she hasn’t proven the DM wrong.

Strides offers the others his ring to enhance their casting abilities, but no one takes it, so instead he teleports a chunk of wall into the next room. he can hear it clatter to the ground, but there is no sign that it hit the dog.
Strides is at 4mp.

Stands meditates to 5mp, and heads west, feeling very lonely. He is not quite mister lonely though, since he still has ESP.
The room Stands has entered turns to the north.

Jack moves into the room with the others and takes the sandwich, and what he thinks is a knife. He’s not entirely sure though. It may just be a block of wood carved to look like a knife, to deceive him into thinking himself well armed. Or, y’know, it could be a knife.

November 1st update

Sir Edam rests and recovers to 5mp while waiting for the others.

Stands gets up and meditates to 3mp before looking around the room he’s entered. It seems to be a featureless corridor which leads west and south.

Hot Air continues toward Strides and ends up walking into him. Needless to say, no one takes any notice.

Loud decides to experiment with sound, and Sir agrees to be a test subject, only saying “Just try to not make permanent damage.”. He first tests his ability to amplify his hearing, which he manages to the point where he can hear the beast’s breathing in the next room, but everyone else is moving around too much for him to hear even that clearly.
He next tries blocking out sounds. He can dampen his hearing so the sounds he would normally notice clearly are muffled, as though his ears were covered in cotton, but they are still noticeable.
He tries vibrating the air to produce a ringing that only Sir can hear, but alas, it is audible to everybody, and he cannot stop that.
After all this SCIENCE! Loud is down to 3mp.

Dives enchants Sir’s dagger, dropping to 4mp in the process. Sir’s dagger begins to glow.

Itchy tests out his own basic manipulation. He can summon a group of insects which can form rather complex shapes, but he’d have to be more specific with experimentation to learn more. He drops to 4mp.

Jack continues onwards, beginning to feel some form of pain building within him. Probably just his insanity. Jack is only one room away from the others.

October 30/31st update

Sir summons up another two sandwiches, dropping to 3mp.

Loud decides to experiment with basic manipulation. He focuses on making a dense cloud of air, which he hopes will be solid enough to hold his weight, lift him, or help him with jumping, but the best he can seem to do is make it enough to slow down whatever is moving through it. If he were to have some help he may manage a field that would stop movement entirely. In the process of experimentation, Loud is reduced to 4mp.

Itchy decides to meditate to fill his mana, and reaches 5mp.

“I guess I’ll enchant Sir’s dagger as soon as possible and see whether I can meditate then. When you are ready to wait with the attacking until I’m done, I’ll use the boiling blood spell right at the beginning of our attack.”
Dives continues towards the others, and finally arrives.

“Someone can borrow my ring while they’re buffing. Also, Stands definitely needs to rocketjump.”
Well, Stands is getting tired of this room, and decides to go with Stride’s plan. In a way. He backs away from the western exit, then runs at it, and creates a propellant beneath his feet as he goes.
The explosion causes some minor burns to his feet, hurting him only enough to deal 1 damage, dropping him to 4hp, but it does work as hoped, and Stands is thrown out of the feasting room. As he crosses the threshold between the areas, he stops feeling the draw that had held him there.
Stands dropped to 1mp from the casting.

Jack tries to move three rooms closer to the others, but, alas, he can only move two rooms each turn. He is still 3 rooms away.

Hot Air continues moving too, and is 2 rooms away.

October 29th update

Sir Edam meditates to 5mp again and tries to hand out more sandwiches, but he isn’t holding any. He continues towards the cerberus, and arrives to where Strides and Loud are waiting.
“My battle plan would be that we fight the beast from the doorway of the adjectant room, as only one of its three heads fits through. Each head needs to be defeated seperatly anyway… I can cheesewheel the beast, ond/or grease the floor under him. I would prefer not to go into melee, though. I will be handing out refreshments to the weary combatans, as well.”

Loud waits. “Ok, I’ve come up with a basic plan of attack. Each head seems to attack independently, so to avoid them ganging up on one goblin we should have three people attacking a different head from melee range while the rest of us provide support. We’ll then switch the melee goblin’s when they’re low on health or MP, so they can heal up and meditate. We have three melee weapons (the knife (which Dives can enchant), the club, and the minotaur horn), but we can still use spells up close if we think they would be better than the weapons. We should also try to time our spells so the effects work at the best moments – three of us have spells that can prevent all the heads from attacking or weaken them (Hot Air’s Panic, Dive’s Burning Blood, and my Deafening Roar) so if we time them to be cast one after the other we could theoretically get three turns of free attacks.”
Anyway, that’s the basic outline of it – we’ll have to improvise the rest while it happens."

“I think I’ve enough energy to enchant the dagger for 2 attacks and cast a boiling blood afterwards, but then I’ll be forced to meditate.” Dives continues towards the others and is one room away.
“You think that is a real cerberus or just some poor enchanted dog, Chuckles?… Or would you prefer me not using your nickname? "
“First, call me what you want, it’s not like I can do anything about it. Secondly, I haven’t seen this thing, so I can’t guess.”

“Well, I need to meditate to full, then I can use crawling carapace and a swarm. Or I can try to overlap my swarms, but I don’t know if I can have two out at once.”
Itchy continues towards the others, and arrives! He also eats the second sandwich to restore to 5hp.

“I can either help protect or teleport some of those bones into their insides.”

Jack gets back to doing stuff. He goes starts walking and is currently five rooms away from… Well, anything, really.

“Ugh. I was afraid of that. What the heck am I supposed to do now?”
Stands starts making noise again and tries not to focus on anything but that while leaving, finds his feet won’t move through either of the exits. While he does this he drops to 3mp, and when he tries unequipping his staff and casting magic, he runs out of time.

Hot Air follows the wall. She is four rooms away from the others.

October 28th update

Sir Edam conjures another 2 sandwiches, dropping to 3mp, and hands them to Itchy. He then continues towards the Dog, and is 2 rooms away from it.

Dives continues towards the dog. She is four rooms away.

“Well, if I’m stuck here, might as well learn something.”
Stands goes around questioning various feasters as to why they are there while examining everything closely. People are there for a variety of things; weddings, festivals, birthdays, even just rumours of free food. As for his examinations, he finds nothing of interest, and decides to try a bit of food.
As soon as he takes a bite, he feels drawn to the food, and knows he will have even more trouble leaving than before.

“So should we have a champion or something? One guy to attack the dog while the rest of us buff him or act as support?”
Itchy eats one of the sandwiches Sir supplied recovering to 4hp, and continues towards Strides. He is 2 rooms away.

Strides plans for the possibility someone makes it to the beast this turn. It doesn’t happen.

“I am so smegging tired of being lost and not know where the smeg I am smegging going! It’s not like I know if these smegging walls are made of stone, wood, ice, or air!”
Hot Air looks very closely at the dead end and discovers the walls are stone! Apart from that fact, there is nothing obvious to the eye.

Loud continues towards Strides, and arrives. Propulsion has worn off.

October 27th update

Hot Air continues with following the left wall and ends up in the upper-left dead end in the four-way intersection.

Sir: “I think we should avoid the feast, since stands seems unable to leave from there. We might as well team up and try to slay the beast, in this case the cerberus.”
Itchy: “I agree. But we should come up with some kind of plan of attack, that dog hits hard. Right now I think I can give someone armor and meditate, then meditate and armor someone after that, then meditate one more time and come in able to cast my Swarm at least twice as the first armor buff fades.
Or I suppose I could spend most of my time meditating, and I think I’d be able to keep two people armored, but wouldn’t be able to attack at all. And I’d etiher have to be in the room or the two I’m buffing would have to run in and atack, then run out to be rearmored.” Itchy says, using his staff to scratch his back.
Loud: “I can use my Deafening Roar to scare them so they aren’t as dangerous, while the rest of you attack.”
Dives: “Well I’ll help you, too. I can enchant that dagger that Sir has there to a burning weapon for the next round… and I guess I could heat up the cerberus’ chain… I kinda don’t want to, though… it’s not as if he has choosen to be in our way…”

Sir meditates to 5mp and continues towards the dog, handing a sandwich to Itchy as he goes. Sir is now three rooms away from the room before the dog.

Loud continues to go toward Strides and is one room away. He then meditates to 5mp.

Strides: “Whoever was in there, did you see anything loose that could be teleported inside one of their heads? Also, how big are their heads?”
Itchy: “No, and I’d say about as big as us.”
Loud: “There are plenty of bones you could use. Hopefully, we won’t end up adding to them………”

Itchy eats the sandwich Sir gave him, restoring him to 3mp, and follows Sir.

Dives follows the others, and is still five rooms away from where Strides waits for the party to regroup.

Stands: "Ah, great. more magic. well, if I’m stuck here I might as well make it interesting.‘’
Dives: "By the way, I guess the feast is sort of an illusion or charm enchantment to keep the prisoners from escaping maybe the food there is drugged, too. Try to disbelieve, Stands… and if that doesn’t work look around the walls, the floor and the ceiling carefully, there might be something that helps you getting out of there or break the spell."
Stands tosses a shaped explosive into the air, dropping to 4mp. As the explosive goes off the feasters begin to cheer, thinking them fireworks or some such contraption.

October 26th update

Loud casts propulsion, dropping to 3mp, and moves towards Strides. He is currently 4 rooms away, and propulsion will wear off in three turns.

Sir hands a sandwich to Dives, who eats it and is restored to 5hp, before he moves back towards the dog. Sir is currently 5 rooms away.

“What? But there aren’t any explosives here, everyone here seems kind of out of it, I’m not hungry, and my friends are all having fun fighting stuff without me. Why would I want to stay?”
Even in the face of this evidence in favour of leaving, Stands just isn’t able to bring himself to leave the feast.

Itchy continues to go toward Sir and is one room away. Must get cheese!

Strides meditates, reaching 5mp.

Jack starts walking around randomly again! He ends up going west, into the dead end that everyone is leaving.

“I hate dead ends! I hate not knowing where I go! Okay, from now on, left!”
Hot Air has decided to resort to the tactic of following the left wall. She arrives at the first of many intersections until she reaches anything interesting.


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