The Labyrinths Tests

November 17th update

Itchy meditates to 5mp, and plans on grabbing one of the two blades on the ground, but he is past that room. He goes forward unhindered through the cave and heads through the passageway he emerges into a dense forest, and the projection of the man appears again.
“You’ve made it out of the dungeon, but there’s one last challenge. You have proved you can stand against strong foes when you outnumber them, but what of the reverse? Ten men, well armed, and you and your companions must face them in combat. Begin when ready.”
As the man said, ten soldiers step from cover, each armed with a sword and armour. They wait with their swords drawn for your go.

Sir meditates to 5mp and goes back to the blade room to collect the second blade.

Strides uses translocation to teleport to the end of this room too, dropping to 3mp. He then heads outside to where Itchy waits.

Dives and Jack continue onwards. On the next turn they shall be able to enter unexplored territory.

Loud meditates to 5mp and follows Itchy and Strides outside.

November 16th update

Loud and Itchy disable the last two blades, both dropping to 3mp, allowing Loud to walk into the chasm room to see Sir and Strides moving into the next room and follow them.
“Okay, that kinda hurt.”
Before exploring both goblins rested, Sir reaching 3mp and Strides 4mp.
The new room is a simple cave, not seeming to be carved in any way. Light is visible through a round passage to the south.

Dives and Jack continue toward the unexplored zones. Just two more rooms, then they shall be just outside of the first unexplored area, which splits west from the path leading to the feast.
“Are we there, yet?

“There are some blades just lying around, if anyone wants them.”
“I’d really like one of those blades, but I’m a bit far away, so could somebody pick one up for me?”

November 15th update

Sir uses advanced manipulation again, this time to reinforce the bridge with support beams. The bridge looks stable enough for one or two goblins to cross at a time, and Sir is at 1mp.

Dives and Jack keep moving. Four more rooms.

Loud meditates to 5mp and pulls at the first blade, holding it by the edge of the inner gap to be safe, and tugs. The blade will move, but it still behaves as though it were tied to the ceiling.
He then takes the time to count the remaining lines to pass, and counts three more that are still active.

Stands repeats what he did last turn, dropping the third blade along to the floor and himself to 2mp.
Two more left.

Itchy walks into the chasm room. Or he tries to anyway. The first of the two blades that are still working hits him and drops him to 2hp, also knocking him back.

Strides carefully wraps the sheet around himself and uses translocation to teleport across the gap. He arrives safely on the far ledge, at 2mp.

November 14th update

Stands waves his hand to check the safety of the first blade, and when it does not swing, proceeds to the second and picks it up. A large circular hole in the middle makes it possible to hold safely, and if you had something you could wedge inside that gap it could be used as a weapon.
He then meditates to 4mp.

Loud meditates to 3mp.

Strides meditates to 3mp and moves into the room with the large pit.

Hot Air continues hounding the hound, deciding on an elaborate scheme of dropping it from a height. She casts float on the unconscious beast, dropping to 3mp, and runs out of time.

Itchy meditates to 5mp.

Sir conjures up a bridge made out of cheese. the size of the gap requires advanced manipulation, so he drops to 3mp, but he does get a bridge crossing the gap, without too many holes. As for how structurally sound it is, it can hold its own weight, but is already drooping at an angle which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Dives continues. She is six rooms away now.

November 13th update

Itchy meditates to 3mp and moves into the room which the others are working on figuring out.

“Interesting…. That level of sound manipulation should come in very useful. As for this trap thing….”
Loud creates a wall of solid air just outside the gap which the first blade had swung into and sets off the trap with a quick swing of his arm. The blade collides with the wall and stops completely. Loud is at 1mp.

Strides teleports Sir Edam to the far end of the room, dropping to 1mp, and Sir heads south. The new room is a narrow, high-ceilinged area, with a pit taking up about half the room, blocking passage from the entrance to the next exit, leading south.

Dives and Jack continue toward the unexplored areas, Dives petting the rabbits as they walke. “I need to find a safe place for you, where there is plenty of food, so I can let you out of the blanket. I’m sorry but if you run for it now, I’m sure you’ll either starve in the labyrinth or get eaten by something, little bunnies, so have patience.”
Eight rooms.

Stands tosses a bomb which will explode on contact along the room using advanced manipulation, and when the second of the blades swings out to slice it, the explosion causes it to drop to the ground, but not break.
Stands is at 2mp.

November 12th update

Sir hands the sandwiches to Loud and Strides, then meditates to 5mp.

Dives begins the trek towards unexplored territory, the long way around, and with Jack in tow. Another ten rooms to go.

Stands is suspicious of the crevices, as most are, so he decides to use basic manipulation to throw an explosive into the middle of everything. Because explosives in the middle of potentially dangerous areas have never caused trouble to anyone. Ever. As the bomb passes the first line a circular blade swings from one side, slicing the bomb in half and arcing into the gap on the other. The arc mimics that of what would be expected if the blade were suspended by a rope, but no rope was visible.
Stands is at 4mp.

“Well, that was rather lackluster… Ah, this might work.”
Itchy summons up a swarm of small insects and commands them to carry him out of the room. The bugs manage to lift him and carry him into the pervious room, which leads south before the corridor the others are in.
Itchy is down to 1mp.

Loud continues with his experimentation, using the same plan he did for testing sound control with basic manipulation. He can amplify his hearing more efficiently, being able to single out specific sounds, completely block soft sounds, such as footsteps and breathing, muffle loud noises, such as Strides had caused when teleporting the wall fragment during that battle, he can direct noise so that only a few people in a small area can hear it, and almost entirely deafen a target, for a time, with ringing noises.
Loud is down to 3mp.

Strides teleports himself to the far end of the room, where the southern doorway is, dropping to 3mp, but he deems it too dangerous to teleport multiple goblins at a time.

Hot Air decides to try chewing the canine apart, but her measly 0 attack cannot pierce the skin, or even bruise it.

November 11th update

Loud, Sir, Stands and Strides move west, into a long corridor leading south, with the walls lined with thin vertical crevices which run all the way around the walls and ceiling, spaced evenly along the corridor, about three steps of space between them.

Itchy, for some reason, decides it’s a good idea to enter the feast. Once he arrives he conjures up a several large ants from the ground with manipulation. He drops to 3mp, and has five ants about the size of his foot with him. It will take 2mp each turn to keep them from wandering off.

Dives decides to go to the unexplored rooms on the passage leading to the feast. Problem is, it’s half the distance to them if she tries going through the feasting area, so the DM’s not entirely sure which way she wishes to go.
“Hey Jack, why don’t you come with me? Together we can cover a bigger space and if we get in trouble at least I can enchant that knife again.”
Jack nods, and stands a few steps behind Dives, ready to follow her.

Hot Air thinks to kill the beast with a blast of air, which would solve the ‘butchering a live being’ problem, but not so much the ‘nothing to cut with’ problem.
The blast drops Hot Air to 4mp, but deals no damage.

November 10th update

The players activate the time warp, and skip forward to a point where everyone is healed and rested. Sir, Loud, Strides and Stands all move into the unexplored room to the south during the time, finding another passage which leads west, while Itchy stops one room behind.

Dives collects the coin and checks on the bunnies she’s been carrying around. They’re all wide awake and struggling to escape the blanket-bag.

As well as moving, Strides and Loud have been experimenting with advanced manipulation.
Strides tried teleporting himself using manipulation, teleporting multiple objects, and teleporting objects multiple times. It’s possible to teleport himself with manipulation, but since it and teleportation have the same mana usage there’s no real point. He is able to teleport several small objects, about half the size of a goblin, but no larger, and cannot teleport the same object multiple times.
Loud tries making a solid platform again. The platform is not quite solid, but almost entirely stops movement, and would have the same effect as cornflour mixed with water, allowing him to walk on it if he hit it hard enough with each step.

Hot Air decides to try mutilating the unconscious body of the canine, but finds she has nothing to cut with. Oh and it’s still ALIVE, just unconscious. It would be plain cruel to cut it apart.

Jack decides to mime a corpse. Doing a mighty fine job of it, too.

November 9th update

Dives comes back into the room and pokes the head with her staff. The prodding knocks the object loose, and a coin falls out, a pentagram on one side, nothing on the other.

Loud meditates, reaching 3mp.

Itchy meditates too, and also reaches 3mp.

Hot Air intends to take one of the collars to use as a belt, but the only things still on it are the chains connected to its ankles, which keep it within the room.

Strides, being out of mp as he is, doesn’t really do anything. He recovers to 2mp.

“Great team work, guys!”
Sir asks Jack for his knife back, but gets no reply, so he continues on without it. Sir arrives to the corridor which turns to the east, with another room before the feast.

Stands meditates to 4mp.
“Hey, when you have a moment, could I please have one of those sandwiches?”

November 8th update

“Good work guys, we’re down to the last one! I’ll weaken it while the rest of you finish it off.”
Loud gets back into the fight and casts Deafening Roar, dropping to 1mp.

Hot Air rests again, rising to 4mp.

“I’m on my last MP here, I think this way I’ll be of most help.”
Dives drags Stands out of the room.

Itchy directs his swarm to continue attacking the head, which continues to be ineffectual, before casting Crawling Carapace on whoever is targeted by the final head. Have to wait and see who that is.

Strides hopes to finally defeat the beast as he drops the wall on the last head, but it is still active. The spell drops Strides to 0mp, leaving him unconscious.
Deciding Strides will be the target, Itchy casts Crawling Carapace on him, which stops the beast from dealing any damage when it does attack. Itchy is expecting to drop into unconsciousness too, but he’s still holding on at 1mp.

Jack decides he’s going to smack the right head, since everyone who’s cool is doing that. Loud gentle nudges him in the general direction of the left head though, and the slice hits that head, dealing some more damage.

Stands recovers to 2mp, lamenting his poor luck, being attacked almost as soon as he joins the battle… Jack must have something to do with this!

Sir drops a wheel of cheese on the head, dropping to 3mp and dealing enough damage to finally defeat the three-headed menace.

As the final head droops to the ground, the goblins feel a wave of magic wash over them, feeling they have unlocked access to their final spells. As the goblins look around the room, they notice something glinting in the mouth of the middle head.

Spell access: Everyone now has complete access to their spell lists. Nothing is locked. You now also have advanced manipulation, which is more effective than basic manipulation, but costs 2mp to use. Basic manipulation is still useable.


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