The Labyrinths Tests

November 27th update

Loud meditates to 4mp.

Dives heads back towards the exit, arriving outside the feast, with Jack in tow.

“Now, now, I meant no offence. But if no one remembers why fighting started, isn’t it best to try to make peace? It seems to me like it would be worth it to spare the next generation the violence.

And no disrespect to your healer, I’m sure he’s quite skilled. But there are several… bad things that can happen battle, so it doesn’t hurt to check these things, ya know?"
“We’ve tried to stop the fighting before. Not exactly easy when half the species of monsters in this area each speak a different language, and those we can talk to clearly either flee from or attack us on sight. We aren’t barbarians.
And, while you may have your doubts about our healers, we have seen their skills, and we have nothing to fear.”
Itchy summons up more grubs, dropping to 3mp, and eats them to recover to 5hp.
“You all sure you don’t want some? Their actually kinda good once you get used to ’em.”
“… Ehm, no thanks, uncooked food doesn’t go down that well. Especially when it’s still moving.”

Stands summons up another 10 cards, dropping to 3mp, and at 40 cards.

Strides teleports to the beast’s lair, which was 5 rooms away, but due to teleport mechanics, he makes it there in one turn, and drops to 3mp.

Sir continues towards the outside, getting stuck in the feasting area.

Hot Air continues to stand around at 3mp.

November 26th update

Stands meditates to 5mp.

Loud casts Deafening Roar, dropping to 2mp. The feasters seem worried, but do not run.

“I guess those are as good of reasons as any, but the whole thing just seems so… unnecessary. Some of you want to be adventurers? Go cut your teeth on rats and wolves like the rest of ‘em. A ’shortcut’ like this isn’t going to get you there, and shouldn’t an adventurer not take orders and strike out on their own as a party. Some of you hate us, that’s fine. But think about this. How’d you like a bunch of ogres and ogre mages to come rampaging through your towns, killing everyone they can and pillaging your meagre valuables every other week just so they can get stronger and rampage through more towns?

And you shouldn’t assume clerics can bring you back from any stage of death, what if you lose an arm? A head? Can they bring you back if an explosion turns you into pink mist? What if your burnt down to the bone? Or eaten from the inside out by a mass of writhing maggots? Just how powerful of healers are your clerics, because there are many things that could happen in this fight, and it’s only fare that you prepare yourselves as well."
“You think soldiers like us have a chance to join a party in the first place? This is the lowest step there is for us. And don’t you think there’s a reason some of us hate monsters? Of course we’ve had monsters going through our cities and attacking us! Who knows who attacked first, combat started so long ago no one would remember anyway.
And our lord’s magi can empower you creatures, who had no skill with magic, to do great things, you thinks our clerics are so weak as to be unable to repair a lost limb, or revive someone from the worst of deaths? Even beheading, our clerics just need a part of the body to reconstruct it.”

Dives wedges a plank of wood into the gap in her blade, ensuring as well as possible that it will not come loose. She then walks over to the arrow trap and marks the hole with a skull using basic manipulation, dropping to 4mp as she does so.

Strides meditates to 5mp and heads further into the cave, arriving in the hall with the swinging blades.

Sir fits a plank with his blade, as Dives did, and moves towards the feast. Sir is now directly outside the feast.

November 25th update

Loud meditates to 5mp.

Sir tears a plank of wood from the chest, breaking it in half to make it an appropriate size to wedge inside the gap in the blades. He then drags the chest into the next room.

Dives ducks out of the way as another arrow fires from the hole and joins Sir in salvaging wood from the chest, acquiring another two acceptable pieces.

Stands summons another ten cards, dropping to 3mp, and bringing the count to 30 cards.

Strides meditates to 5mp.

“So, while we’re waiting for the others to get here, let’s talk. Why do you guys want to fight us? Is it just orders, or some kind of personal grudge against goblins, or what? Because I don’t see any need for us to fight and risk death on either side, do you?”
A young man steps forward to reply, “Well a couple of us hold hatred towards monsters for some reason or other and some hope killing one will bring them to adventurer status, but most of us have just been ordered to fight you, and our kingdom isn’t in a good way, so we need the money. Death isn’t a real threat, there are clerics stationed off a ways ready to heal and revive anyone who falls, including you. From what I understand, you won’t be allowed to leave if you do ‘die’.”

Hot Air is still at 3mp.

Jack is still standing around beside Dives doing nothing. He managed to dodge avoid the arrow quite easily when following Dives toward the chest.

November 24th update

Sir drags the chest back into the previous room, which is the corner leading back towards Dives.

Itchy meditates to 5mp and decides to see if the giant and can act as a mount, climbing onto it. It’s supporting his weight well enough.

Loud meditates to 3mp.

Strides manages to teleport three chunks of stone out of the ground using advanced manipulation, dropping to 1mp.

Stands meditates some more, bringing himself to 5mp.

Dives stands around with the rock between her and the trap.

Hot Air stands around doing nothing at 3mp.

Jack continues to stand behind Dives at 5mp.

November 23rd update

Dives keeps hold of the stone and arrow, and carefully checks the inside of what she suspects may be a reloading arrow trap. How she intends to do this is a mystery, since the stone stopped the arrow from hitting her, and to search the hold she’d have to lower it.
In other words; How are you going to go about doing this?

Loud casts Deafening Roar again, dropping to 1mp. The roar this round is pathetic, what did he do, roll a 0?

Itchy meditates to 3mp.

Sir examines the chest to see if IT’S A TRAP! by opening the lid and looking at it, but finds nothing threatening. Next is to check if it’s a mimic, to do this, he climbs inside. Noo, no tingling or anything worrying… Okay, no danger, so he climbs out of the chest and checks the contents; a Metal Mask, and a knife made of bone. Sir collects both of these.

Stands summons another ten cards, dropping to 2mp, and continues to play cards.

Strides meditates to 3mp and heads back inside the cave. Both of the rocks are in their original place.

November 22nd update

Sir searches the new room and, finding nothing of interest, heads south. This is where the path ends, though there is something of interest here. A chest. That’s sort of interesting.

Stands meditates to 4mp, and plays a game of war.

Dives pull the stone from the wall, being careful to avoid the possibility of hidden traps. As she removes the stone an arrow fires from the newly made gap and lodges in the stone. Not a very well made trap, is it?

Loud meditates to 4mp.

Itchy summons up an ant, dropping to 1mp, and waits quietly.

Hot Air arrives outside.

Strides spaces out.

November 21st update

Itchy meditates to 5mp and prepares to fight.

“Hey, you got any playing cards? No? Better change that then.” Stands begins conjuring explosive cards using advanced manipulation, and manages to summon ten, while dropping to 2mp.
“Want to play Go fish?”

Loud walks into the feast and casts Deafening Roar, dropping to 2mp. Everyone looks around, confused for a moment, before returning to their chatter (Meaning it was attack reduction).

Sir meditates to 5mp before handing the sandwich to Dives, and explores further east. More blank corridor, this one leading south.

Strides teleports another rock back into place, dropping to 1mp. The rumbling stops completely.

Dives begins inspecting the area for traps and hidden loot, and finds a loose stone, which could be pulled loose from a wall.

November 20th update

Itchy meditates to 3mp.
“Oh come now, is that how you treat someone who offers to share with you? Geeze… Anyway just another minute or two and I’ll be right with you fellows.”

Sir heads into unexplored territory, which is a simple room leading east, and waits for Dives and Jack to arrive, summoning a sandwich in the meantime and dropping to 3mp. Once Dives arrives Sir hands her one of the two blades.

Loud continues to move towards the feast, and is directly outside.

Stands walks out of the cave and begins juggling fireworks, dropping to 4mp. Some of the guards seem to be distracted by the lights, while some are more wary than before.

Hot Air continues towards the forest, and is only one turn away.

Strides recovers to 2mp and is able to act.

November 19th update

Loud begins to move towards the feast, and will arrive there in two turns.

Sir moves into the feasting area and manages to leave again, and could reach the unexplored area next turn. He also meditates to 4mp.

“Itchy, if you want cheese golem, just go back across the bridge and help yourself! Or any other goblin in need of healing.”

“Thanks, but I just got an idea.”
Itchy summons up more grubs, dropping to 1mp, and eats them, recovering to 4hp.
“Ay, oo i’s aant ome?”
One of the men snarls, “Don’t know why we were ordered to give these disgusting beasts time to prepare. We should just run them through as they are.”

Dives and Jack move toward the unexplored area, and are standing directly outside of it.

Stands meditates to 5mp.

Strides, finding the cave suddenly unstable, walks back outside and starts replacing the rocks, but after the first one he drops to 0mp and collapses.
The rumbling lessens, and almost completely stops.

Hot Air continues towards the others., and has four rooms between her and the outside world.

November 18th update

“Crapcrapcrapcra… that could work…” Itchy summons up a bunch of grubs with advanced manipulation, dropping to 3mp, and begins eating. The grubs taste horrible, but he does regain 1hp, reaching 3hp.
The soldiers seem a bit put off by this, and one looks like he’s about the lose his latest meal.

Sir summons up a cheese golem, dropping to 2mp, and commands it to move toward Itchy. It lumbers along the pathway, but it doesn’t seem to be very intelligent, and may not use the bridge.
Sir also picks up the second blade and begins to move towards Dives and Jack. If he’s willing to try passing through the feast he’s only 6 rooms away from where they currently stand, otherwise it’s 16 rooms.

Dives and Jack head into unexplored territory. Well, this is boring, the rooms leads north and looks to meet up with the already-explored pathway leading to the feast. They should be able to reach the other unexplored area in two turns.

Stands Moves toward the group that’s outside, and is in the cave room. He passed the golem on his way there, seems it can only move one room each turn.

Strides goes back into the cave and starts teleporting segments of rock outside, managing to get three chunks slightly smaller than a goblin outside, and dropping to 1mp. Itchy sees all the men startle, but one quickly steps forward, saying “Woah, stop, stop! If that’s coming from inside it could make the cave collapse! It’s unstable as it is!” He seems to be panicking.
And the cave starts rumbling. That’s probably not a good sign.

Loud moves back inside the cave, thinking Itchy was moving too, but Itchy stayed where he was, as he was capable of healing.

Hot Air acts after some nudging by Loud, and begins walking towards him. She is five rooms away.


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