The Labyrinths Tests

December 7th update

Sir Edam meditates to 5mp.

“Hmmm… I can’t meditate in this form. Probably I’ll return back to normal once all my magical power runs out. … That’s better than having to die I guess. Nevertheless I’m not sure whether the Cerberus will disappear once I’m reverting, so be on your toes when that happens. I’ll try to give you guys are warning beforehand.”

Itchy continues climbing, and can see something emerging from the wall of the pit a bit further down. Three turns of Buggoblin left.

Stands meditates to 5mp.

Strides meditates to 5mp.

Loud meditates to 4mp.

December 6th update

Itchy casts Buggoblin, dropping to 2mp and begins to climb down the crevice after the fireflies. No bottom in sight so far.

“Hey, wow, I think I am getting better at this. Now summoning two sandwiches only costs me 1 MP. Earlier I needed 2 MP for two sandwiches. Meaning I can now create more cheesy goodness before I need some rest, yum!”
Sir passes the two sandwiches to Itchy and Hot Air, summoning up another two and dropping to 3mp.

Stands meditates to 3mp.

Dives meditates, but find that she feels no stronger after doing so.

Strides teleports a bunch of pebbles into an unknown area using manipulation and drops to 3mp.

“Can I have the ring back, please?”
Loud tries creating multiple areas that would trap someone’s feet, dropping to 2mp, but finds as he creates more separate areas they become harder to maintain, and thus, weaker.

December 5th update

Dives enchants Sir’s blade, as requested, and feels weaker yet again.

Loud meditates to 4mp. “Anyone else want to practice with the ring?”
“I’ve always wanted to try this thing out.” Stands takes the ring and plans to test how it effects his spells, but he requires a live target for the stunning, so he’s limited to trying to judge power by the size of the explosions, but can easily test the number of targets.
Stands uses manipulation to create an explosion which does look larger than normal, and he manages a shaped explosive with advanced manipulation too, which shifts three stones in the cave. This experimentation brings Stands to 1mp.

“I wonder what would happen if you channeled the magic first through the ring, then through the staff.”
“Or if you were putting the ring on a staff… Nah that’s a too crazy idea.”
Itchy meditates to 5mp.

Strides meditates to 5mp after realising he was meant to have done some experimentation and dropped to 3mp last turn. The results of said experimentation prove distance has no effect on his teleportation.

Sir passes his sandwich to Jack and summons up another two, dropping to 4mp.

December 4th update

Sir meditates to 5mp.

“I was thinking about armoring up my ant, and maybe calling in a swarm of distracting bugs?”
Itchy conjures up a swarm of fireflies to light the pit. They provide a bit of light, but not much. It should be just enough for Strides to see.

In reply to Dives’ question last turn, Stands says “No, my cards only explode for humans.”
He then summons another 10 cards, dropping to 3mp, and at 60 cards.

Strides asks Dives to try cancelling the summon, bringing up the possibility the only way for her to return to her form is for the cerberus body to be killed. Dives is of a different state of mind.
“Why exactly am I supposed to cancel my summoning right before the battle? You’re aware it’s difficult controlling the outcome of the summoning and that the next cerberus I call may kill us all instead? And did you consider that it might actually really kill me if you killed the cerberus me? Not to mention the summoning costs me a lot of energy. So cut the nonsense Strides and concentrate on fighting the guards and not me.”
Maybe you could try and see if your powers work when you’re in this form? Since you’re really the only one of us who can buff weapons.
“Okay, I guess I can try that.”
Dives moves over to her body and tenderly lifts the staff with the middle head, attempting to enchant her circular blade, since Loud lacks is own. The blade begins to glow, and Dives is left with an unknown amount of mp, though she does feel weakened.

“I’ll take that ring. There’re a few things I’ve been wanting to try with that…”
“Make sure to focus your energy through the ring, instead of through your staff.”
Loud takes the ring from Strides and focuses his energy through it to make a solid block of air, about two meters wide and tall, and one deep. He tests its solidity by pressing against it but can not move through at all.

December 3rd update

“If no one else is going to, I might as well try on the mask. After all, what’s the worst that can happen?”
Loud takes the mask from Sir and puts it on. Absolutely nothing happens.

Sir summons a sandwich, dropping to 3mp.

Itchy heads into the cave, signalling for the soldier to stand up, which they do.

“So, I’m a little fuzzy on how the overall strategy’s going to work, but first turn I’m going to make my cake explode, throw my cards everywhere, and throw a shaped explosive into a knot of guards. "
Stands fits the plank of wood to his blade, making a handle from it.

Strides indicates the pit saying, “Can I get some light down there?”
No one offers any light, considering Dives is the only one to have any known ability for that, and it is unseen as to whether she is able to use her magic in this form.

“Stands do your explosive cards only hurt non-goblins? Because at the moment I’m not exactly a goblin I guess and I’m a bit worried about friendly fire.”

Hot Air moves into the cave.

Jack meditates to 5mp.

December 2nd update

Sir Edam moves back into the cave with the golem, and gives his extra piece of wood to Stands.
“Does anyone want to find out what the metal mask will do? I am hesitant to put it on, it could be cursed or something.”

Stands moves into the cave and meditates to 5mp.

Itchy scratches and meditates to 5mp.

Dives lays down to allow the others the chance to reach her body from the back of the cerberus-body, and waits.

Strides meditates to 5mp, trying to determine the depth of the chasm. It disappears into darkness.

Loud and Jack move Dives’ goblin body to a corner of the room.

December 1st update

“Of course. … And I gotta ask, what’s with the whole “monster” thing anyway? Seems a rather harsh term for an entire species, let alone all of them beyond seven or eight “non-monster” species."
“Monster isn’t always a term used as an insult, it’s just a way of identifying races which are not commonly adventurer races. To be honest, most of us would call you something different, but no matter what we call you, others will still use it as an insult.”
Itchy uses basic manipulation to summon a swarm of fleas, which immediately get all through his hair and start chewing. Itchy drops to 4mp.

“This ain’t actually what I expected this spell to do…
Ah never mind now, there is a battle waiting right?
I’m hesitating though to leave my body and my bunnies here unprotected.
Mind to put them on the Cerberus… my back so I can carry them towards the the room/ corridor right in front of the exit area?
I don’t want to catch a stray arrow or something, so I want to leave it right outside of the soon to be battle zone.”
Jack and Loud help to get Dives’ body onto the cerberus-Dives’ back, Jack placing the coin in her pocket as he does so, before they move towards the exit. All three arrive one room before the outside area, and Jack meditates to 3mp.

Sir summons a new cheese golem, dropping to 2mp, and offers a weapon to the others, but no one takes anything.

“Yeah, I think the current plan is for us all to leave the room to plan, then charge back in and start the battle when we’re ready, so when we leave you should probably get ready. Speaking of which…”
Stands summons up another ten cards, dropping to 3mp and bringing the card total to 50.
“Here’s a blade, but it doesn’t have a handle.”

Strides teleports the unconscious cerberus outside, dropping to 3mp.

November 30th update

Sir, seeing the bridge is undamaged and not blocked in anyway by the Cerberus’ appearance, crosses the bridge and double moves outside.

“Jack, does the luck boost still work? If not please give me another one. This one will be quite dangerous.”
Since the luck only lasted for a single turn, Jack boosts Dives’ luck again, dropping to 1mp, but this time focusing on Dives , rather than everyone.
Dives flips the coin saying, “Heads or tails, with tails it fails!” and summoning the cerberus, dropping to 0mp. Dives collapses in exhaustion as the coin lands. As Dives hits the ground the coin begins to glow and she sees the form of the cerberus appear from thin air before her vision fade out.
And back in. Dives is suddenly looking down at herself, rather disoriented. It’s always disorientating to see yourself from above, but it is even more so for her, considering she seems to be looking at herself from three different angles.

Strides moves towards the exit and meditates to 5mp. Strides is now in the chasm room.

Itchy meditates to 5mp saying, “You guys may as well get comfortable, it might be a while yet.”
“May as well take a seat, this armour isn’t light, no matter what anyone may tell you. Though we will expect from you and your companions the same courtesy of allowing us to stand and arm ourselves before the fight, which we have shown you. You may be monsters, but you aren’t honourless savages.”
The men lean their weapons against the trees and sit.

Loud stands ready to protect Dives should the cerberus to be hostile, but in all honesty, it just looks confused.

Stands meditates to 5mp.

November 29th update

Loud, taking note Dives seems to be preparing to summon a cerberus, only moves one room forward, stopping where Dives will arrive after she moves. He is now in the blade room.

Itchy sits around for a moment before having the idea to bring distracting insects to him. He can’t create insects, even with advanced manipulation, as that would require life to be implanted in them, but he can call large groups of already colourful insects to him with basic manipulation. He can summon a cloud of them about half his height.
Itchy is at 4mp.

Dives meditates to 5mp and moves towards the exit, arriving where Loud is waiting for her.

“That’s fine, I’m not very good at making food anyway.”
Stands places the cake on the ground and meditates to 3mp while continuing to play with his explosive cards.

Sir continues to move towards the exit, arriving at the pit. The cheese golem is gone, but the cerberus is here, somehow laying across the gap without falling.

Strides moves towards the exit and meditates to 3mp. He is four rooms from the outside.

November 28th update

Dives walks into the feast and turns to face Jack.
“Jack can you give us some better chances to get out of this room?”
Jack nods, and manipulates the chances of getting out with advanced manipulation, dropping to 3mp. Dives then leads Jack out of the room, successfully leaving.

Loud follows Dives out of the room, double moving toward the outside area. He is four room away.

“Eh, suit yourself.”
Itchy meditates to 5mp.

Sir also leaves the feast and ends up in the same room as Loud.

Stands conjures up an explosive cake with advanced manipulation, dropping to 1mp.
“Well, if you want something nonliving, you could try this, but I can’t guarantee that it will taste good.”
“That looks more like a decoration than food… I don’t think so.”

Strides teleports the unconscious cerberus towards the outside area, dropping to 1mp, and begins to move outside himself. Strides is currently six rooms away.


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