The Labyrinths Tests

December 18th update

Stands summons another grenade, dropping to 3mp.
“Just think of it as making sure we win the battle and get our freedom.”

Itchy decides being upside-down on the ceiling-like surface isn’t as fun as it may sound, and heads back toward the right-side-up areas. He is directly below the ledge, the ledge being three rooms down the pit.

Sir meditates to 5mp.

Strides teleports Loud back to the top of the pit, dropping to 3mp.

December 17th update

Strides meditates to 5mp.

Stands meditates to 5mp.

Itchy thrusts the box out, trying to get a look at the figure, but he can’t see anything of it, so he decides to shout at it. “Hey! Whatever you are, show yourself or stay back! I ain’t in the mood to give a beatdown to nobody right now!”
Receiving no response, Itchy continues to move along, finding absolutely nothing. He has three turns of buggoblin left.

Sir dumps his three sandwiches in Jack’s arms and summons up another two, rolling his eyes as he says “This is so much fun!” He is now at 3mp.

Dives makes a decision and heads into the feast, searching for strong and weak points in the magic. The food is a definite strength, and how strong the magic is in the people varies, likely due to different willpowers, but none of them are resistant enough to be woken, so Dives begins dragging people out of the room, trying not to hurt them.
It’s not an easy task though, as her large form isn’t much for delicate procedures, and the people she tries to get out of the room simply walk around or climb over her.

December 16th update

Itchy meditates to 4mp, and catches the glowing box, which Strides had teleported to him. He catches something disappearing into the darkness out of the corner of his eye.

Stands summons up another explosive, dropping to 3mp.

Sir, looks for a way to stabilise the staircase, but there just isn’t one. The only reason the bridge stays up is because it overlapped the edge of the pit in two places. Since he doesn’t actually have to summon anything to work this out, so he rests to 4mp.

Strides, after teleporting the box to Itchy, drops to 3mp.

Dives tries to locate the source of the magic, but it’s confounding! It seems to be coming from everywhere and nowhere! “I think some backup would be good. Even if I find the source of the magic I’m not sure I can remove, destroy, convince or kill it on my own. And should I have to enter that feast room again I might need Jack’s or Strides’ help to leave it in case we’re not able to destroy the trap.”

Loud meditates to 5mp and takes a closer look at the sword. It’s pretty much the same size as a normal sword, and just as sharp, but the hilt is square-shaped.

December 14th update

Itchy recasts buggoblin, dropping to 2mp, and goes around the corner.
It is very dark here, you may be eaten by a grue.

Dives moves outside of the feast and inspects it. It turns out cerberus, being somewhat magical creatures, can sometimes smell magic. And this is one such time. Dives can tell there is some powerful magic keeping these people here, similar to how a sloth demon makes its victims sleep without incident, by creating a dream of happiness for them.

Stands moves into the chasm room and meditates to 5mp.

Loud, taking the blade from Strides, tries using manipulation to use the blade, dropping to 3mp. He finds that he’s able to use the sword this way, though not too effectively.
He does decide though, the the sword could be used normally, but is just hard to get a good grip on.

Strides meditates to 5mp and inspects the walls of the pit. There is nothing of note there.

December 13th update

Itchy meditates to 5mp.

Strides attempts teleporting the sword into his hand, dropping to 3mp as he does so. What appears isn’t quite a sword though. It looks like there’s a stone blade, which is sharp, but the hilt is just a block of stone.

Loud, deciding the ledge isn’t going to collapse, meditates to 5mp.

“See? I can’t really stockpile them.” Sir sighs, and begins construction of a staircase along the sides of the pit, dropping to 2mp, but he finds he can’t support the stairs adequately.

Dives decides to investigate the feast, moving towards it. She is currently one room away from standing outside it.

December 12th update

Sir summons another two sandwiches, dropping to 4mp, and one of the two he was holding disappears.

“Well…….this is fun…..” Loud manages to manipulate his way to the platform where Strides is standing, dropping to 3mp as he goes.

Itchy meditates while considering whether he should climb around the edge of the walls. He is now at 3mp, and has two turns of buggoblin left.

“Why don’t you take the glowing box down into the crevice? It should give a bit more light than the fireflies.” Dives pushes the glowing box into the crevice, and Strides catches it.

After catching the box, Strides uses it’s light to have a closer look at the stones. Most of them appear to just be stones, but one appears to be shaped like a sword, the blade emerging from the ledge.

Stands begins moving back towards the others, summoning another explosive and dropping to 3mp. “So, we gonna charge into the fray anytime soon?”

december 11th update

Stands continues to adventure back into the maze everyone had just made it out of while looking for his explosive. This seems a bit further than Strides can teleport, even with the ring. Stands then meditates to 5mp.

Itchy continues to climb down into the crevice. The walls of the pit just stop here, but the pit continues. Three turns of buggoblin.

Strides takes a moment to have a closer look at the rocks. A couple look like they may be the same shape as some objects other than rocks, but it’s really too dim to know what exactly.
“I can teleport you back up, just not down.”
“Well, that’ll help. Thanks.”

Loud jumps, using the ring and manipulation to slow his fall. Basic seems to be enough to slow him down a bit, and he drops two rooms this turn, dropping to 4mp. Seems there’s no need for Strides to teleport him to safety yet.

Sir meditates to 5mp, becoming tired of waiting. “Can we get this party started soon, or will you be much longer? Because if you need more time, I could find something else for me to do, like clipping my toenails.”
“You could use the time to make a huge amount of sandwiches, kind of like I’ve been using the past 15 turns to stockpile explosives.”

Dives shows she has more patience than Sir, waiting calmly for stuff to happen.

December 10th update

“Well okay. While I have nothing better to do I guess I can do some scouting.” Dives uses the advanced senses of smell and hearing that comes with having three canine heads to check on the guards, and finding nothing unusual about them does the same with the chasm. There are absolutely no smells or sounds coming from the chasm.

Sir meditates to 3mp and offers the ring back, to which Loud responds by returning to the cave and collecting the ring.

Stands continues to search for his explosive, moving one room along, but finding nothing. He then summons another explosive, focusing on the ‘only explode on cue’ aspect, dropping to 3mp. The explosive he receives is notably smaller than the ball.

“Man, I hope there’s something down here worth the climb down… and back up. Aww crap, I gotta climb back up.” Itchy climbs down another room and recasts buggoblin, dropping to 1mp. He has four turns of buggoblin.

Loud moves into the chasm room considers using advanced manipulation and the ring to safely descend, thinking Strides could act as a safety in case he fails, but realises two things: one, Strides doesn’t have enough MP to teleport anyone this round, and two, Strides can only teleports someone who is in the same room as him, and Loud is trying to reach a room below him.

Strides meditates to 4mp.

December 9th update

Sir Edam uses the ring to summon a supposedly more powerful golem, the other one disappearing as he does so, and drops to 1mp. He then proceeds to rub between Dives’ ears. Which set will never be known.

Stands heads back into the chasm room and beyond to look for his explosive, ranting at thin air. "Of course it won’t explode unless I tell it to! I make all of my explosives out of extremely stable C4, you can set the stuff on fire and it won’t explode! The only thing that could make it explode is the detonator in the middle, and that only responds to my command! besides, size doesn’t affect explosives anyway… "
He does not find the explosive, and meditates to 5mp.

Itchy meditates to 4mp, and looks over the edge of the ledge to see that the pit continues further down. One turn of buggoblin left.

Strides decides the ledge is spacious enough, and teleports down, dropping to 2mp.

Loud follows Stands, having the same luck with finding the explosive.

Dives continues to be unable to do anything, so far as she knows.

December 8th update

“Any goblins without sandwiches left?”
“I’d like to have an extra sandwich or two, please.”
Sir hands both sandwiches to Stands and summons another two, dropping to 4mp.

Itchy climbs down to the ledge. It’s rather dark, despite the presence of the fireflies, and the only things visible appear to be some irregularly shaped rocks.

Stands uses the ring to create a large spherical explosive, dropping to 3mp. Whether it will wait for his command to explode is unknown, considering its size. He then hands the ring to Sir Edam.

Strides asks Stands for permission to try teleporting the large explosive.
“Sure thing, just make sure you don’t teleport it into the next room, it might make the guards antsy.”
Strides then proceeds to teleport the ball to an unknown location, dropping to 4mp.

Loud meditates to 5mp.

Dives simply waits, unable to recover through meditation.


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