One of eight (8) player characters



Base stats:
HP: 5
MP: 5
attack: 0
defence: 1

current hp/mp
HP: 5/5
MP: 1/5

blankets (3)
Sandwich (X10)

element: Strides uses teleportation magic. His spells are as follows:
Teleport: Strides can teleport himself of an ally to a room that has been discovered, which is three or less spaces away, whether thee room would normally be accessible or not. Can only be cast on targets who are in the same room as Strides.
Cost: 2mp

Translocate: Strides can relocate anything in the same room as him to another place within that room. Does not work on living creatures, though if target object contains a living creature, then the creature will be moved with the object.
Cost: 1mp

Accuracy: Stride becomes more accurate with his teleportation, and can move himself and others around within a room safely. Passive ability.

Sneak Attack: Strides teleports himself or an ally behind a target enemy, allowing them to attack for +2 damage that turn.
Cost: 3mp



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