Stands Next to Explosions

One of eight (8) player characters



base stats:
HP: 5
MP: 5
attack: 0
defence: 1

current hp/mp
HP: 5/5
MP: 4/5

minotaur horn
Circular Blade with handle
57 explosive cards (dropped)
Sandwich (X10)
‘Grenade’ (X4)

Element: Stands uses the explosive element. He has access to the following spells:
Shaped Explosive: Causes an explosion in a small area, damaging two targets for 1d3 damage each.
Cost: 1mp

Propellant: a blast throws the target, dealing 1d2 damage and launching them across the room, stopping them from attacking for that turn.
Cost: 2mp

Concussive Blast: Creates a blast of concussive force, stunning a target for 1d4 turns.
Cost: 3mp

Destructive Force: Creates a timed explosive which damages everything in the room, dealing 2d3 damage. Timer lasts for two turns before exploding.
Cost: 3mp


Stands replaced Freezes after his player had to drop out.

Stands Next to Explosions

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