Makes Loud Noises

One of eight (8) player characters



base stats:
HP: 5
MP: 5
attack: 0
defence: 1

current HP/MP
HP: 5/5
MP: 3/5

Minotaur Horn
Sandwich (X10)
Metal Mask
Cheese Shield

Element: Loud has access to the element of air and sound. He has the following spells:
Air Blast: Deals 1d3 damage on hit, 10% chance to knock the target back, stopping them from attacking on turn of casting (Knockback effect does not work on large opponents)
Cost: 1mp

Propulsion: Allows target to move faster for 1d3 turns, by reducing air resistance, allowing target to move three rooms per turn, and dodge 25% of incoming attacks,
Cost: 2mp

Deafening Roar: Sends a roar thundering through the air, and either causes enemies to attempt flee or reduces their attack by 1. 1d4 is rolled on cast, 1-3 attack is reduced, 4 all hostiles try to flee the room.
Cost: 3mp

Sonic Wave: Creates noises by vibrating atoms in the air, distracting or stunning the target for 2 turns.
Cost: 2mp


Makes Loud Noises

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