Dives Too Deep

One of eight (8) player characters



base stats:
attack: 0
defence: 1

Current hp/mp:
HP: 5/5
MP: 0/5
Left hp: 5/5
Middle hp: 3/5
Right hp: 5/5

blanket (currently holding three rabbits)
glowing (metal) box (enchanted with light)
talking skull named Arkansas (aka Chuckles)
Sandwich (X10)
Circular blade with handle
plank of wood

Element: Cerium
Dives has control over the element of cerium, the enchantment of metal objects with fire. She has access to these spells:
Burning Blade: Metal weapons deal an extra 1d3 damage on the next hit. Creates light.
Cost: 1mp

Burning: Any who touch the object this spell is cast upon are burnt for 2d4 damage for every turn they remain in contact with the object, for so long as the caster can sustain the spell.
Cost: 2mp per turn

Burning Blood: Heats the iron in the target’s blood. Causes the target to take 3 damage for 2 turns, and become paralysed for the first turn.
Cost: 4mp

Summon Cerberus: Summons a lesser cerberus, with a 50% chance for the summoned creature to be hostile. The summon’s stats are as follows:
HP: 5
Def: 1
Att: 2
Each of the three heads acts independently, and all three must be defeated before it will die.
Cost: 5mp


Dives Too Deep

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