Blows Hot Air

One of eight (8) player characters



Base stats:
HP: 5
MP: 5
attack: 0
defence: 1

Current hp/mp:
HP: 5/5
MP: 1/5

Sandwich (X10)
Cheese Shield

element: Hot Air uses the helium element, and has access to the following spells:
Floating: Increases height of jumping for 2 turns.
Cost: 1mp

Gust: A gust of helium throws the target against a wall, dealing 1d3 damage.
Cost: 1mp

Panic: converts oxygen in the target’s body into helium for a turn. The lack of oxygen causes the target to panic. There is a 50% chance to attack a random creature present in the room, player or none, or disable the for the turn. One of the two effects will always occur.
Cost: 3mp

Depravation: stops the target from taking in oxygen for two rounds, disabling them, but the caster must maintain the spell for both turns.
Cost: 2mp per turn


Blows Hot Air

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