The Labyrinths Tests

October 29th update

Sir Edam meditates to 5mp again and tries to hand out more sandwiches, but he isn’t holding any. He continues towards the cerberus, and arrives to where Strides and Loud are waiting.
“My battle plan would be that we fight the beast from the doorway of the adjectant room, as only one of its three heads fits through. Each head needs to be defeated seperatly anyway… I can cheesewheel the beast, ond/or grease the floor under him. I would prefer not to go into melee, though. I will be handing out refreshments to the weary combatans, as well.”

Loud waits. “Ok, I’ve come up with a basic plan of attack. Each head seems to attack independently, so to avoid them ganging up on one goblin we should have three people attacking a different head from melee range while the rest of us provide support. We’ll then switch the melee goblin’s when they’re low on health or MP, so they can heal up and meditate. We have three melee weapons (the knife (which Dives can enchant), the club, and the minotaur horn), but we can still use spells up close if we think they would be better than the weapons. We should also try to time our spells so the effects work at the best moments – three of us have spells that can prevent all the heads from attacking or weaken them (Hot Air’s Panic, Dive’s Burning Blood, and my Deafening Roar) so if we time them to be cast one after the other we could theoretically get three turns of free attacks.”
Anyway, that’s the basic outline of it – we’ll have to improvise the rest while it happens."

“I think I’ve enough energy to enchant the dagger for 2 attacks and cast a boiling blood afterwards, but then I’ll be forced to meditate.” Dives continues towards the others and is one room away.
“You think that is a real cerberus or just some poor enchanted dog, Chuckles?… Or would you prefer me not using your nickname? "
“First, call me what you want, it’s not like I can do anything about it. Secondly, I haven’t seen this thing, so I can’t guess.”

“Well, I need to meditate to full, then I can use crawling carapace and a swarm. Or I can try to overlap my swarms, but I don’t know if I can have two out at once.”
Itchy continues towards the others, and arrives! He also eats the second sandwich to restore to 5hp.

“I can either help protect or teleport some of those bones into their insides.”

Jack gets back to doing stuff. He goes starts walking and is currently five rooms away from… Well, anything, really.

“Ugh. I was afraid of that. What the heck am I supposed to do now?”
Stands starts making noise again and tries not to focus on anything but that while leaving, finds his feet won’t move through either of the exits. While he does this he drops to 3mp, and when he tries unequipping his staff and casting magic, he runs out of time.

Hot Air follows the wall. She is four rooms away from the others.



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