The Labyrinths Tests

October 27th update

Hot Air continues with following the left wall and ends up in the upper-left dead end in the four-way intersection.

Sir: “I think we should avoid the feast, since stands seems unable to leave from there. We might as well team up and try to slay the beast, in this case the cerberus.”
Itchy: “I agree. But we should come up with some kind of plan of attack, that dog hits hard. Right now I think I can give someone armor and meditate, then meditate and armor someone after that, then meditate one more time and come in able to cast my Swarm at least twice as the first armor buff fades.
Or I suppose I could spend most of my time meditating, and I think I’d be able to keep two people armored, but wouldn’t be able to attack at all. And I’d etiher have to be in the room or the two I’m buffing would have to run in and atack, then run out to be rearmored.” Itchy says, using his staff to scratch his back.
Loud: “I can use my Deafening Roar to scare them so they aren’t as dangerous, while the rest of you attack.”
Dives: “Well I’ll help you, too. I can enchant that dagger that Sir has there to a burning weapon for the next round… and I guess I could heat up the cerberus’ chain… I kinda don’t want to, though… it’s not as if he has choosen to be in our way…”

Sir meditates to 5mp and continues towards the dog, handing a sandwich to Itchy as he goes. Sir is now three rooms away from the room before the dog.

Loud continues to go toward Strides and is one room away. He then meditates to 5mp.

Strides: “Whoever was in there, did you see anything loose that could be teleported inside one of their heads? Also, how big are their heads?”
Itchy: “No, and I’d say about as big as us.”
Loud: “There are plenty of bones you could use. Hopefully, we won’t end up adding to them………”

Itchy eats the sandwich Sir gave him, restoring him to 3mp, and follows Sir.

Dives follows the others, and is still five rooms away from where Strides waits for the party to regroup.

Stands: "Ah, great. more magic. well, if I’m stuck here I might as well make it interesting.‘’
Dives: "By the way, I guess the feast is sort of an illusion or charm enchantment to keep the prisoners from escaping maybe the food there is drugged, too. Try to disbelieve, Stands… and if that doesn’t work look around the walls, the floor and the ceiling carefully, there might be something that helps you getting out of there or break the spell."
Stands tosses a shaped explosive into the air, dropping to 4mp. As the explosive goes off the feasters begin to cheer, thinking them fireworks or some such contraption.



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