The Labyrinths Tests

November 3rd update

Sir Edam decides to wait for three others to enter and before following and cheeswheeling the head Jack attacks. Results will be seen.

Jack casts Thief! on the middle head, then tries to attack, but he has spent his major action to cast Thief!, and cannot attack this turn. He has dropped to 2mp.
The middle head attacks Jack, dealing only 1 damage.
Sir, seeing that Jack isn’t attacking, but has targeted the middle head, will also target that one. Now just two more people need to go in there before he gets going.

Itchy enters the lair and summons a swarm to attack the left head. Itchy drops to 3mp and the insects attack, but deal no damage.
One more person…

Stands is disappointed that he’s missing out on a battle, and follows the path north, firing a blast down the hall and dropping to 4mp. The path turns east.
“Hey Hot Air, do you think you can replace enough of the cereberus’ air with helium for it to start choking? That might help.”

Dives moves in and casts Boiling Blood on the dog. Since she didn’t specify which head to target, it will be random… The boiling blood hits the middle head. That head is stunned for this turn, though it has already attacked Jack, so it has no effect other than causing damage. Dives is at 1mp.

Three people have entered, so Sir enters the room too, and casts Cheesewheel on the middle head, dealing some more damage and dropping to 4mp.

Strides enters the room and, deciding the chunk of wall is large enough to use as a weapon, drops in on the middle head. Strides is at 3mp.

“But…I wanna make it so that when it barks it’s a sqeak toy….but fine.”
Hot Air casts panic, dropping to 1mp. Since which head was not specified, this too, shall be random… The right head is targeted, and it begins to panic, becoming too confused to attack.

Loud casts propulsion on himself, dropping to 3mp, and tries to take the blow from the head which is not being hit by Burning blood or focused on Jack. The left head is the only one which is not being distracted yet, so Loud gets between it and Itchy, and manages to draw its attention away from him before dodging out of the way. Propulsion will wear off in three turns.



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