The Labyrinths Tests

November 26th update

Stands meditates to 5mp.

Loud casts Deafening Roar, dropping to 2mp. The feasters seem worried, but do not run.

“I guess those are as good of reasons as any, but the whole thing just seems so… unnecessary. Some of you want to be adventurers? Go cut your teeth on rats and wolves like the rest of ‘em. A ’shortcut’ like this isn’t going to get you there, and shouldn’t an adventurer not take orders and strike out on their own as a party. Some of you hate us, that’s fine. But think about this. How’d you like a bunch of ogres and ogre mages to come rampaging through your towns, killing everyone they can and pillaging your meagre valuables every other week just so they can get stronger and rampage through more towns?

And you shouldn’t assume clerics can bring you back from any stage of death, what if you lose an arm? A head? Can they bring you back if an explosion turns you into pink mist? What if your burnt down to the bone? Or eaten from the inside out by a mass of writhing maggots? Just how powerful of healers are your clerics, because there are many things that could happen in this fight, and it’s only fare that you prepare yourselves as well."
“You think soldiers like us have a chance to join a party in the first place? This is the lowest step there is for us. And don’t you think there’s a reason some of us hate monsters? Of course we’ve had monsters going through our cities and attacking us! Who knows who attacked first, combat started so long ago no one would remember anyway.
And our lord’s magi can empower you creatures, who had no skill with magic, to do great things, you thinks our clerics are so weak as to be unable to repair a lost limb, or revive someone from the worst of deaths? Even beheading, our clerics just need a part of the body to reconstruct it.”

Dives wedges a plank of wood into the gap in her blade, ensuring as well as possible that it will not come loose. She then walks over to the arrow trap and marks the hole with a skull using basic manipulation, dropping to 4mp as she does so.

Strides meditates to 5mp and heads further into the cave, arriving in the hall with the swinging blades.

Sir fits a plank with his blade, as Dives did, and moves towards the feast. Sir is now directly outside the feast.



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