The Labyrinths Tests

November 25th update

Loud meditates to 5mp.

Sir tears a plank of wood from the chest, breaking it in half to make it an appropriate size to wedge inside the gap in the blades. He then drags the chest into the next room.

Dives ducks out of the way as another arrow fires from the hole and joins Sir in salvaging wood from the chest, acquiring another two acceptable pieces.

Stands summons another ten cards, dropping to 3mp, and bringing the count to 30 cards.

Strides meditates to 5mp.

“So, while we’re waiting for the others to get here, let’s talk. Why do you guys want to fight us? Is it just orders, or some kind of personal grudge against goblins, or what? Because I don’t see any need for us to fight and risk death on either side, do you?”
A young man steps forward to reply, “Well a couple of us hold hatred towards monsters for some reason or other and some hope killing one will bring them to adventurer status, but most of us have just been ordered to fight you, and our kingdom isn’t in a good way, so we need the money. Death isn’t a real threat, there are clerics stationed off a ways ready to heal and revive anyone who falls, including you. From what I understand, you won’t be allowed to leave if you do ‘die’.”

Hot Air is still at 3mp.

Jack is still standing around beside Dives doing nothing. He managed to dodge avoid the arrow quite easily when following Dives toward the chest.



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