The Labyrinths Tests

November 20th update

Itchy meditates to 3mp.
“Oh come now, is that how you treat someone who offers to share with you? Geeze… Anyway just another minute or two and I’ll be right with you fellows.”

Sir heads into unexplored territory, which is a simple room leading east, and waits for Dives and Jack to arrive, summoning a sandwich in the meantime and dropping to 3mp. Once Dives arrives Sir hands her one of the two blades.

Loud continues to move towards the feast, and is directly outside.

Stands walks out of the cave and begins juggling fireworks, dropping to 4mp. Some of the guards seem to be distracted by the lights, while some are more wary than before.

Hot Air continues towards the forest, and is only one turn away.

Strides recovers to 2mp and is able to act.



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