The Labyrinths Tests

November 18th update

“Crapcrapcrapcra… that could work…” Itchy summons up a bunch of grubs with advanced manipulation, dropping to 3mp, and begins eating. The grubs taste horrible, but he does regain 1hp, reaching 3hp.
The soldiers seem a bit put off by this, and one looks like he’s about the lose his latest meal.

Sir summons up a cheese golem, dropping to 2mp, and commands it to move toward Itchy. It lumbers along the pathway, but it doesn’t seem to be very intelligent, and may not use the bridge.
Sir also picks up the second blade and begins to move towards Dives and Jack. If he’s willing to try passing through the feast he’s only 6 rooms away from where they currently stand, otherwise it’s 16 rooms.

Dives and Jack head into unexplored territory. Well, this is boring, the rooms leads north and looks to meet up with the already-explored pathway leading to the feast. They should be able to reach the other unexplored area in two turns.

Stands Moves toward the group that’s outside, and is in the cave room. He passed the golem on his way there, seems it can only move one room each turn.

Strides goes back into the cave and starts teleporting segments of rock outside, managing to get three chunks slightly smaller than a goblin outside, and dropping to 1mp. Itchy sees all the men startle, but one quickly steps forward, saying “Woah, stop, stop! If that’s coming from inside it could make the cave collapse! It’s unstable as it is!” He seems to be panicking.
And the cave starts rumbling. That’s probably not a good sign.

Loud moves back inside the cave, thinking Itchy was moving too, but Itchy stayed where he was, as he was capable of healing.

Hot Air acts after some nudging by Loud, and begins walking towards him. She is five rooms away.



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