The Labyrinths Tests

December 29th update (Epilogue)

The party of goblins had completed the challenges set before them and in doing so, won their freedom. For one final time before they left the cave system, the man that had captured them in the beginning of this adventure of sorts, and told them that they had earned the skill that had allowed them to escape, and his men would cause no trouble for the goblins when they left.

The party would not know it, but this step in the human’s research allowed him to reach his goal of unlocking one’s magical potential, but without causing any harm to those the process was used upon. This consequently lead to the defeat of many armies who invaded the lands, seeking treasure and even some hoping to learn how the soldiers they fought against had learned to use their power, no enemy made it further than the first villages on the outskirts of the realm.

As for what happened to the party of goblins who had been the first to acquire magical powers, there are many rumours of what they did with their freedom, and just as many possibilities. Some say they returned to their homes to protect their families, some believe they continued to adventure together, or with others, but if they did, those adventures have yet to be recorded.



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