The Labyrinths Tests

December 28th update (Victory?)

Strides teleports Dives’ target, being the healthiest, into the air, dropping to 1mp.

Loud blasts the remaining guard, dropping to 3mp.

Jack meditates to 3mp.

Hot Air casts depravation on the man, dropping to 1mp, disabling the man.

Sir tosses three sandwiches into the air to allow each of Dives’ heads to eat, which unfortunately still only heals the middle head to 3hp, then meditates to 5mp.

Stands intends to toss a shaped charge at the man, not quite breaking through his defence.

Itchy begins taunting the last guard (That is still safely on the ground), “Bet you all wish you went with the ‘Lets not and say we did’ option now, huh?” He then meditates to 3mp and sets his swarm and ant to attack the man again, killing him as the swarm disperses.

The last guy should take a couple more turns to reach the ground.



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