The Labyrinths Tests

December 26th/27th update

Loud blasts the soldier that had managed to climb out, dropping to 4mp, and Jack increases the chances of the man being knocked into the hole, dropping to 1mp, but the man is still standing.

Hot Air takes the ring from Sir and uses manipulation to stop the other men from climbing out of the hole, dropping to 3mp.

Stands tosses the cake into the pit, yelling “More fireworks!”, and tries to set it off. Though throwing explosives is a major action, se he fails miserably.

Itchy summons a swarm and direct both it and his ant to attack the man who climbed out, dropping to 1mp as he does so, and dealing decent damage.

Strides meditates to 3mp.

Sir commands his golem to attack the guards, and since it is unwilling to jump into the pit, it hacks at the man up top, dealing enough damage to bring the man within an inch from death. Sir then prepares to yank Dives’ heads away from the pit when the falling earth gets close.

All three of Dives’ heads attack her last target, having to lay down to reach him, and deals a fair bit of damage. When Sir begins pulling on Dives’ heads, she grabs onto the man and pulls him with her.

The man still trapped in the pit continues to scramble up the sides, but slides back down to the bottom and is crushed by the chunk of ground returning to its place.

The two men who still live are becoming frantic at this point, and they begin slashing at Dives’ middle head, dealing three damage.



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