The Labyrinths Tests

December 25th update

Stands sets of his grenades, hitting two of the men with the explosions and dealing a decent amount of damage, but not killing either of them.

Itchy offers the ring to the other and meditates to 3mp.

Loud meditates to 5mp.

Hot Air meditates to 5mp.

Jack attacks the man he cast Thief! on, yet again only dealing damage because of Lucky Strike.

Sir takes the ring from Itchy and recasts Grease, dropping to 2mp, then commands his golem to fight back, and it hits Jack’s target managing to break through his defence. Another glance at the sky tells him everyone who was under the falling man has moved.

Strides teleports a chunk out of the ground from beneath the feet of all of the men, and a little ways directly above them, dropping to 1mp. It should hit the place where it used to be next turn.

Dives continues to chew on the guards, leaning into the hole Strides made to do so. She kills one of the men with a single head and deals very minor damage to the other.

The men begin scrabbling up the sides of the pit Strides has dropped them into, and one manages to get enough of a grip to climb out. Jack’s Thief! target and Dives’ target are both still trying to climb their way out.

The other man hits the ground. Does anything else really need to be said about that if it took three turns for him to do so?



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