The Labyrinths Tests

December 24th update

Sir sets off the grenade, hitting the man who attacked the ant, the man whose armour was damaged by Strides, and one other, severely injuring the one with damaged armour. Setting off the grenade does not take any mp.
Sir then tells the golem to attack an injured soldier, and it hits the man on the ground, who had attacked the ant, killing him.
Sir checks the sky for the falling guard, and can see him dropping towards the ground about where Hot Air is standing, and will probably hit the ground in one turn.

Stands throws his four grenades towards the guards, and they land near the men. He then tries to set them off, but throwing four grenades is a tricky thing to do, and he doesn’t have the time.

Loud meditates to 3mp, offering the ring to anyone who wants it.

Jack attacks the man with the damaged armour, dealing barely any damage, but the guard is hurt so badly it doesn’t matter anyway.

Hot Air meditates to 3mp and grabs a cheese shield, stepping out from under the falling man to do so.

Itchy takes the ring from Load and recasts Crawling Carapace on his ant, dropping to 1mp. He commands his ant to attack the prone man, but since he is already dead, the ant attacks the man with the broken armour, and manages to kill him.

Dives continues to attack the two men who survived while her third head helps with one of them. One of the men looks badly injured, but the other still doesn’t take any damage.

Strides meditates to 3mp, standing back from the fight to avoid being attacked by the men.

The four remaining men decide they aren’t going to be able to hurt the ant, and turn to Sir’s golem instead, successfully landing their blows now that the grease is gone, but unable to deal any damage thanks to Loud’s roar, the effect of which ended this turn.



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