The Labyrinths Tests

December 23rd update

Itchy meditates to 4mp and commands his ant to continue to attack while retreating over the cards. It attacks the man who just stood up, but doesn’t manage to deal any damage.

Strides tries teleporting vital organs out of people, but ends up only teleporting chunks out of one of the men’s armour and dropping to 1mp.

Sir tosses the ring to Loud and meditates to 4mp, then manages to toss one of the shrapnel grenades in the general direction of the guards, and it lands slightly closer to the guards than where the ant currently stands. He then commands the golem to attack an injured target and it swings at the man the ant had attacked, dealing some damage.

Loud, receiving the ring, casts deafening roar, dropping to 1mp. The men flinch, but they do not flee.

Jack charges the soldier he had cast Thief! on earlier and slices at him with his knife, dealing damage only thanks to his Lucky Strike ability, but not managing to do enough damage to leave the man vulnerable to further attacks.

Hot Air casts Panic on an uninjured soldier who was standing further back than the rest, dropping to 1mp. The man collapses to the ground.

Dives begins attacking the guards. The one guard who was knocked over, but not teleported is killed, but Dives’ other two targets take no damage.

Of the six guards still able to fight, only one manages to land a blow while sliding around in the grease, hitting Itchy’s ant, but dealing no damage. Unfortunately, this draws him onto the cards, two of which explode and injure the soldier, knocking him over, but the ant’s insane defence with the Crawling Carapace stops the explosion from even touching the ant.



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