The Labyrinths Tests

December 22nd update

Stands runs outside and throws the cards out to cover as much area as possible, which causes the guards to falter for a moment, before two of them approach him, one stepping on two cards, the other on one. Both of the men are knocked over by the resulting explosion and take some damage in the process.

Sir climbs onto Dives’ back and waits for her to walk outside. He then casts Grease using the ring Loud had given to him, dropping to 2mp and sends his golem to attack. It moves towards the men as two of them drop their swords and run at the sight of a conscious cerberus, and targets one of the men who stood on Stands’ cards, dealing a good amount of damage.

Strides walks outside and teleports a man into the air, the one chosen being the one that was knocked over, but not attacked by the cheese golem. It may take a couple of turns for him to arrive, and when he does, it’s best not to be under him. Sir is at 3mp.

Loud takes one of the cheese shields, then heads outside and airblasts one of the uninjured soldiers, but deals no damage and doesn’t have enough force to push the man back, dropping Loud to 4mp.

Hot Air, by Loud’s suggestion, casts gust against one of the other uninjured soldiers, dropping to 4mp as she does so, and dealing no damage.

Jack, also by Loud’s suggestion, casts Thief! on one of the remaining attacked men, dropping to 2mp as a result.

Dives simply walks into the room saying, “And please don’t let anything big explode in there Stands, we don’t know how stable the ceiling of the cave is. I’m neither too hot on friendly fire nor on being buried alive. Not to mention, that we agreed that we don’t do any surprise attacks on the humans, if they give us some more time to explore and prepare.”
To which Stands replies, “And we told them to expect an attack sometime after we leave their area, so they should be ready.”

Itchy runs outside and sends his ant off to fight and casts Crawling Carapace on it, dropping to 2mp. The ant attacks the man Hot Air had hit with her Gust, dealing some damage.

The soldiers,apart from the man who was knocked over by the cards, recovering from a moment of surprise, group together and attack Itchy’s ant, seeing it as the closest target. Together they manage to deal enough damage to kill the ant outright, before one of the men who wasn’t knocked over even gets a chance to swing. Being unable to attack the ant, this man turns to Sir’s golem and swings at it, but his sword simply sinks into it, leaving the cheese golem looking no worse when he tugs it out.



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