The Labyrinths Tests

December 21st update

Time-warp happens. Loud tries giving the sword to the cheese golem, and finds simply shoving the handle into the end of the arm is enough to lodge it there. He then rests to 5mp.

Stands meditates to 5mp.

Dives returns to the exit.

Strides does a whole bunch of stuff. He gets himself out of the pit, makes his way to the feast, meditating while he goes, and begins teleporting people out, though as he teleports each person out of the feast they disappear. When the last person is gone he can feel the strength of the room’s magic weakening. He then returns to the others, teleporting some rocks outside as he goes, making sure to avoid removing anything that could cause instability (total five outside), and rests to 5mp.

Sir also takes advantage, experimenting with some manipulation possibilities. He makes eight blocks of shield that could theoretically be used as shields, four stink bombs, three grenades designed to spray shrapnel on explosion, with Stands’ help, and supplies each goblin with ten sandwiches, managing to dump a total of eighteen on Jack at one point before taking back some and managing to bring his own total to 10. After all of this he rests to 5mp. Yep, long warp.

Itchy simply waits.

Hot Air finally recovers to 5mp.



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