The Labyrinths Tests

December 29th update (Epilogue)

The party of goblins had completed the challenges set before them and in doing so, won their freedom. For one final time before they left the cave system, the man that had captured them in the beginning of this adventure of sorts, and told them that they had earned the skill that had allowed them to escape, and his men would cause no trouble for the goblins when they left.

The party would not know it, but this step in the human’s research allowed him to reach his goal of unlocking one’s magical potential, but without causing any harm to those the process was used upon. This consequently lead to the defeat of many armies who invaded the lands, seeking treasure and even some hoping to learn how the soldiers they fought against had learned to use their power, no enemy made it further than the first villages on the outskirts of the realm.

As for what happened to the party of goblins who had been the first to acquire magical powers, there are many rumours of what they did with their freedom, and just as many possibilities. Some say they returned to their homes to protect their families, some believe they continued to adventure together, or with others, but if they did, those adventures have yet to be recorded.

December 28th update (Victory?)

Strides teleports Dives’ target, being the healthiest, into the air, dropping to 1mp.

Loud blasts the remaining guard, dropping to 3mp.

Jack meditates to 3mp.

Hot Air casts depravation on the man, dropping to 1mp, disabling the man.

Sir tosses three sandwiches into the air to allow each of Dives’ heads to eat, which unfortunately still only heals the middle head to 3hp, then meditates to 5mp.

Stands intends to toss a shaped charge at the man, not quite breaking through his defence.

Itchy begins taunting the last guard (That is still safely on the ground), “Bet you all wish you went with the ‘Lets not and say we did’ option now, huh?” He then meditates to 3mp and sets his swarm and ant to attack the man again, killing him as the swarm disperses.

The last guy should take a couple more turns to reach the ground.

December 26th/27th update

Loud blasts the soldier that had managed to climb out, dropping to 4mp, and Jack increases the chances of the man being knocked into the hole, dropping to 1mp, but the man is still standing.

Hot Air takes the ring from Sir and uses manipulation to stop the other men from climbing out of the hole, dropping to 3mp.

Stands tosses the cake into the pit, yelling “More fireworks!”, and tries to set it off. Though throwing explosives is a major action, se he fails miserably.

Itchy summons a swarm and direct both it and his ant to attack the man who climbed out, dropping to 1mp as he does so, and dealing decent damage.

Strides meditates to 3mp.

Sir commands his golem to attack the guards, and since it is unwilling to jump into the pit, it hacks at the man up top, dealing enough damage to bring the man within an inch from death. Sir then prepares to yank Dives’ heads away from the pit when the falling earth gets close.

All three of Dives’ heads attack her last target, having to lay down to reach him, and deals a fair bit of damage. When Sir begins pulling on Dives’ heads, she grabs onto the man and pulls him with her.

The man still trapped in the pit continues to scramble up the sides, but slides back down to the bottom and is crushed by the chunk of ground returning to its place.

The two men who still live are becoming frantic at this point, and they begin slashing at Dives’ middle head, dealing three damage.

December 25th update

Stands sets of his grenades, hitting two of the men with the explosions and dealing a decent amount of damage, but not killing either of them.

Itchy offers the ring to the other and meditates to 3mp.

Loud meditates to 5mp.

Hot Air meditates to 5mp.

Jack attacks the man he cast Thief! on, yet again only dealing damage because of Lucky Strike.

Sir takes the ring from Itchy and recasts Grease, dropping to 2mp, then commands his golem to fight back, and it hits Jack’s target managing to break through his defence. Another glance at the sky tells him everyone who was under the falling man has moved.

Strides teleports a chunk out of the ground from beneath the feet of all of the men, and a little ways directly above them, dropping to 1mp. It should hit the place where it used to be next turn.

Dives continues to chew on the guards, leaning into the hole Strides made to do so. She kills one of the men with a single head and deals very minor damage to the other.

The men begin scrabbling up the sides of the pit Strides has dropped them into, and one manages to get enough of a grip to climb out. Jack’s Thief! target and Dives’ target are both still trying to climb their way out.

The other man hits the ground. Does anything else really need to be said about that if it took three turns for him to do so?

December 24th update

Sir sets off the grenade, hitting the man who attacked the ant, the man whose armour was damaged by Strides, and one other, severely injuring the one with damaged armour. Setting off the grenade does not take any mp.
Sir then tells the golem to attack an injured soldier, and it hits the man on the ground, who had attacked the ant, killing him.
Sir checks the sky for the falling guard, and can see him dropping towards the ground about where Hot Air is standing, and will probably hit the ground in one turn.

Stands throws his four grenades towards the guards, and they land near the men. He then tries to set them off, but throwing four grenades is a tricky thing to do, and he doesn’t have the time.

Loud meditates to 3mp, offering the ring to anyone who wants it.

Jack attacks the man with the damaged armour, dealing barely any damage, but the guard is hurt so badly it doesn’t matter anyway.

Hot Air meditates to 3mp and grabs a cheese shield, stepping out from under the falling man to do so.

Itchy takes the ring from Load and recasts Crawling Carapace on his ant, dropping to 1mp. He commands his ant to attack the prone man, but since he is already dead, the ant attacks the man with the broken armour, and manages to kill him.

Dives continues to attack the two men who survived while her third head helps with one of them. One of the men looks badly injured, but the other still doesn’t take any damage.

Strides meditates to 3mp, standing back from the fight to avoid being attacked by the men.

The four remaining men decide they aren’t going to be able to hurt the ant, and turn to Sir’s golem instead, successfully landing their blows now that the grease is gone, but unable to deal any damage thanks to Loud’s roar, the effect of which ended this turn.

December 23rd update

Itchy meditates to 4mp and commands his ant to continue to attack while retreating over the cards. It attacks the man who just stood up, but doesn’t manage to deal any damage.

Strides tries teleporting vital organs out of people, but ends up only teleporting chunks out of one of the men’s armour and dropping to 1mp.

Sir tosses the ring to Loud and meditates to 4mp, then manages to toss one of the shrapnel grenades in the general direction of the guards, and it lands slightly closer to the guards than where the ant currently stands. He then commands the golem to attack an injured target and it swings at the man the ant had attacked, dealing some damage.

Loud, receiving the ring, casts deafening roar, dropping to 1mp. The men flinch, but they do not flee.

Jack charges the soldier he had cast Thief! on earlier and slices at him with his knife, dealing damage only thanks to his Lucky Strike ability, but not managing to do enough damage to leave the man vulnerable to further attacks.

Hot Air casts Panic on an uninjured soldier who was standing further back than the rest, dropping to 1mp. The man collapses to the ground.

Dives begins attacking the guards. The one guard who was knocked over, but not teleported is killed, but Dives’ other two targets take no damage.

Of the six guards still able to fight, only one manages to land a blow while sliding around in the grease, hitting Itchy’s ant, but dealing no damage. Unfortunately, this draws him onto the cards, two of which explode and injure the soldier, knocking him over, but the ant’s insane defence with the Crawling Carapace stops the explosion from even touching the ant.

December 22nd update

Stands runs outside and throws the cards out to cover as much area as possible, which causes the guards to falter for a moment, before two of them approach him, one stepping on two cards, the other on one. Both of the men are knocked over by the resulting explosion and take some damage in the process.

Sir climbs onto Dives’ back and waits for her to walk outside. He then casts Grease using the ring Loud had given to him, dropping to 2mp and sends his golem to attack. It moves towards the men as two of them drop their swords and run at the sight of a conscious cerberus, and targets one of the men who stood on Stands’ cards, dealing a good amount of damage.

Strides walks outside and teleports a man into the air, the one chosen being the one that was knocked over, but not attacked by the cheese golem. It may take a couple of turns for him to arrive, and when he does, it’s best not to be under him. Sir is at 3mp.

Loud takes one of the cheese shields, then heads outside and airblasts one of the uninjured soldiers, but deals no damage and doesn’t have enough force to push the man back, dropping Loud to 4mp.

Hot Air, by Loud’s suggestion, casts gust against one of the other uninjured soldiers, dropping to 4mp as she does so, and dealing no damage.

Jack, also by Loud’s suggestion, casts Thief! on one of the remaining attacked men, dropping to 2mp as a result.

Dives simply walks into the room saying, “And please don’t let anything big explode in there Stands, we don’t know how stable the ceiling of the cave is. I’m neither too hot on friendly fire nor on being buried alive. Not to mention, that we agreed that we don’t do any surprise attacks on the humans, if they give us some more time to explore and prepare.”
To which Stands replies, “And we told them to expect an attack sometime after we leave their area, so they should be ready.”

Itchy runs outside and sends his ant off to fight and casts Crawling Carapace on it, dropping to 2mp. The ant attacks the man Hot Air had hit with her Gust, dealing some damage.

The soldiers,apart from the man who was knocked over by the cards, recovering from a moment of surprise, group together and attack Itchy’s ant, seeing it as the closest target. Together they manage to deal enough damage to kill the ant outright, before one of the men who wasn’t knocked over even gets a chance to swing. Being unable to attack the ant, this man turns to Sir’s golem and swings at it, but his sword simply sinks into it, leaving the cheese golem looking no worse when he tugs it out.

December 21st update

Time-warp happens. Loud tries giving the sword to the cheese golem, and finds simply shoving the handle into the end of the arm is enough to lodge it there. He then rests to 5mp.

Stands meditates to 5mp.

Dives returns to the exit.

Strides does a whole bunch of stuff. He gets himself out of the pit, makes his way to the feast, meditating while he goes, and begins teleporting people out, though as he teleports each person out of the feast they disappear. When the last person is gone he can feel the strength of the room’s magic weakening. He then returns to the others, teleporting some rocks outside as he goes, making sure to avoid removing anything that could cause instability (total five outside), and rests to 5mp.

Sir also takes advantage, experimenting with some manipulation possibilities. He makes eight blocks of shield that could theoretically be used as shields, four stink bombs, three grenades designed to spray shrapnel on explosion, with Stands’ help, and supplies each goblin with ten sandwiches, managing to dump a total of eighteen on Jack at one point before taking back some and managing to bring his own total to 10. After all of this he rests to 5mp. Yep, long warp.

Itchy simply waits.

Hot Air finally recovers to 5mp.

December 20th update

Stands summons another grenade, dropping to 3mp.

Strides meditates to 3mp.

Itchy moves into the cave just before the exit.

Dives leaves the feast fairly easily and heads back towards the others. She is two rooms behind them.

Loud continues to wait.

Sir continues with the process of creating sandwiches, dropping to 3mp.

December 19th update

Itchy begins climbing around the ledge and up the wall, but Stride interrupts by teleporting him to the top, causing Strides to drop to 1mp.

Stands meditates to 5mp. “So, we almost ready?”

Loud, lacking anything to do, waits.

Dives continues to try to drag people out of the feast, but they continue to elude her. “Some help here?”

Sir hands another two sandwiches to Jack and summons two more, dropping to 4mp.


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